Be A Better Musician.

Welcome to the Green Room. This is a place for those who desire to be better musicians, better worship leaders and overall better people. It's a place to help one another grow. At Worship Artistry we bring our best by helping you bring yours so let's talk.

The Greenroom

The Bass and Guitar Gear You Really Need

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #35

Jason and Daniel celebrate the new resources page by discussing their favorite gear and how they make choices for all levels of playing.

The Theory That Really Matters

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #33

Fretboard Theory author Desi Serna joins the show to talk about the music theory that really matters.

Writing Founder And Finisher

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #32

Songwriters Aaron Dickson and Stephen Folden join the show to discuss writing and recording the first independent song Worship Artistry has ever done. Jason and Daniel also talk New Year's resolutions and member mail shows up the meatheads. Just another day at the office. Learn "Founder and Finisher" here for FREE.

Best of the Best 2016

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #31

In the last podcast of the year, Jason and Daniel remember some of the best Worship Artistry moments and wish you the best for the coming year.

Singing Success Overview

Worship Leading

As someone who spent too long in life saying "I can't sing", I get pretty passionate when encouraging others to do it. I honestly wish I had Singing Success when I first started so I'm spreading the word about it now. Here is a brief overview of the program. While I haven't had an opportunity to try everything yet, I'm happy to at least recommend the 360 program. It's a little silly sometimes but the content and teaching is second to none.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #30

Jason talks with Singing Success vocal coach, Shelby Rollins about learning to sing. Can anyone learn? Where do you start? What are some things to watch for. All this and more on the Worship Artistry podcast.

Big Lessons From Little Churches

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #29

Worship Pastor Ron Pai joins the show to share the lessons he's learned from pastoring at churches big and small. Is there really a difference? How do you apply lessons learned from one to another? We talk style, communication, complaints and loving on your people. In member mail we learn about co-leading a team and leading from an instrument other than voice.

How To Stay Sane During The Christmas Season

Worship Leading
Podcast #28 Round Table Discussion

We've got a full house this week with Jason, Ryan, Daniel and Josh all weighing in to discuss the Christmas season. How do you work worship songs into your sets? How do you serve your congregation well? How do you stay sane? All this and more on this week's Worship Artistry Podcast.

Using The Studio As An Instrument

Worship Leading
Podcast #27 with Chris Hoisington

Chris Hoisington of Brothers McClurg joins the show to talk about using a recording studio as an instrument, why live albums can't capture the experience and how to arrange for the recording environment. Give it a listen and then see it in action with Chris' video series "Harmonized Sounds".

How To Get Creative With Your Worship Band

Worship Leading

Daniel and Jason give tips on growing the creative spirit in your band as well as pratical ways to on already good ideas.

Is Our Worship Too Small?

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #25

Author and Worship Pastor, Wayne Stewart joins the show to talk about what our gathered worship is supposed to look like.

Is It Okay To Make Money In Worship?

Worship Leading
Episode #24

Where is the line between the paid and volunteer worship musician? When is it appropriate to pay? Is it ever? Jason and Daniel tackle these tough questions and more on this week's podcast.

What Makes A Great Song Great?

Worship Leading
Episode #23

Jason and Daniel talk rhyming the word "African", learning from themselves and theology in song choice. Vice President of Publishing for Centricity Music, Chad Segura joins the show to discuss what makes a song great. Great stuff on this episode. 

How To Receive Ministry As A Minister

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #22

It's easy to get so caught up serving that we can lose our ability to receive ministry. How can we expect to give out when we take no time to fill up? In this podcast Jason and Daniel share their own experiences with this and how they find life in their ministry.

5 Ways To Turn Your Worship Band Into A Worship Team

Worship Leading
There's no "I" in Worship Team...oh wait.

It’s interesting that while groups of musicians that play together are called "bands," worship bands are referred to as “teams.”  Maybe it’s because logistically our lineups are always changing or because the team actually encompasses more than one band.  I like the idea that the worship team actually functions like one.  Here are 5 ways to turn your worship band into a team.

Real Lovin'?

Worship Leading
Let's Talk About It

I have a confession to make. I don’t love every song on our website. Shocking, I know. I do however tell the truth at the end of every lesson when I say “Enjoy it. It’s a great song”. I can say this because I have taken the time with each one to learn the parts, think through the lyrics and appreciate why it connects with the Church.

Podcast Season 1 Wrap

Worship Leading
And Season 2 Preview

Season one of the podcast kind of blew us away. Thanks for all the downloads and the discussion. Can't wait to start up again in the fall. Tell us what you want out of season 2 in the comments.

How to Think About Stage Presence

Worship Leading
Episode #20

Does our presence on the stage really influence a participant's worship experience?  Josh and Jason wrestle with expressive leading, authenticity, and invisibility.

How To Think About Criticism

Worship Leading
Episode #19

Daniel and Jason unpack experiences with criticism that lead to harmful results.  But is any criticism really 'constructive?'

The Hospitality of Worship

Worship Leading
Episode #18

From the singers in the seats to the musicians on stage, everyone enters the worship space with their own mindsets and experiences.  How does the worship leader make everyone feel welcome and included?  Daniel and Jason share some thoughts...and stories.