Vintage Shell Restoration

Part 1

My friend gave me a set of vintage Ludwig drum shells from the 70's! They need some work, but I'm really excited about refurbishing them and want to share the progress.

A while back, I got to share a gig with my good buddy Brad. I played the first set and he played the second, both sets on his Ludwig kit.  In all of my years of drumming, I've never sat behind a Ludwig and I realized I've definitely been missing out!

Reverb Refurb

After we played, he gave me this set of vintage Ludwig drum shells. I was so pumped! I can't wait to restore them and bring y'all along in the process.  I plan on rewrapping them with a sparkle wrap and then adding chrome hardware.  I'm hoping these seasoned shells will give them a nice 'thuddy' tone. Y'all stay tuned to track the progress! 

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Nice bro! I'm a carpenter,

Nice bro! I'm a carpenter, and making old stuff look new is so fulfilling.


Looking forward to hearing them in a lesson! Do you recommend any particular drum companies? Looking to buy a new set. Been playing a set of CB 700 for 30 years now. I believe it's time for a new set.


I just passed on a 5pc set of early 80's to a
brother in Christ. Cant wait to see and hear the out come. I have a set of old tama's
Im seriously thinking of restoring. Ive never taken the
wrap of a set. Has anyone took wraps off a set
of tama's before. Any kind of information would
be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Holdfast (Rev 3:11)