Meet Josh Ward

And on the drums...

Josh joined the Worship Artistry team in early 2015 when our original drum instructor’s life took him in a different direction. He’s got a heart of gold and hands of thunder.


Josh has been playing drums since the 6th grade and drumming for his church for nearly 15 years. He’s also recorded and recorded with countless independent artists across a broad spectrum of styles and that experience informs his own personal style.

What you can expect from lessons

It only takes watching one lesson to get a sense of how much Josh loves playing drums and teaching. He views the drummer as a worship leader and approaches drumming with that in mind. While his technical prowess shines bright, he cares more about laying down a good groove for the song to sit in than showing off his chops. His ability to demystify the drums and offer parts in achievable pieces is what makes him perfect for the Worship Artistry community. When Josh isn’t teaching he’s soaking up that Florida sunshine with wife Rosie and son Amos. 

Introduce yourself

Worship Artistry is a community and we love getting to know you. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section. Let us know what you're here to learn and what you're passionate about. We're all ears.

Try out some of Josh's favorite lessons


Tempo: Up

Song Key: B

Lion And The Lamb

Artist: Bethel Music

Work the vibrato

Such a fun song!!

Really great bass track! You can do it!!

Break out the ARP!!!


Tempo: Down

Song Key: A

So Will I (100 Billion X)

Artist: Hillsong United

Nice clean lead work with some open chord strumming on the acoustic

Some coordination to get the hang of on this one but it's a lot of fun!

A lesson in dynamics and when to play and when not to play.

Heavy on the sounds with this slow builder


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: B♭

Do It Again

Artist: Elevation Worship

Couple key parts and some cool chords.

Fun song and sweet fill at the end!

Great riffs!

Love the voicing on these chords.

Josh Ward is a versatile drummer of 18 years and heavily involved with the worship team at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL. He is a husband to Rosie, dad to Amos and drum instructor for

Meet Josh Ward

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We are a lot alike!

Hi Josh! My name is Eli and I am currently a sophomore in high school. Your bio is really cool because it sounds a lot like me. I took piano lessons from 7yrs. old until 14. I always wanted to Drum, though, so in 6th grade when I got the chance to Drum in my middle school band, I jumped on it. They would only let people who were taking Drum lessons or piano lessons play drums. I also got to play for worship at church service for the first time that year. Our church was doing “Youth Sunday” twice a year back then, so one of the adult drummers helped me learn one song for youth Sunday that spring. In 7th grade, our worship pastor let me start playing on the adult team and I’ve been on the main worship team 2-3 times a month ever since! I really love it. I stopped piano lessons a year and a half ago, and started taking Drum lessons then. I was wondering if you have any advice for someone like me if I am thinking about worship ministry as a career? I know there are worship studies programs out there, Grand Canyon University and Trinity Western University are two that I know of. Are there any programs that you recommend? And what should I be doing now to prepare myself for the future? Thanks! — Eli Fehringer

Good to meet you.

Hi Josh,

I've been self-taught drums since I was 13 years old. I used to play in a marching band, but was never good enough to solo.
I love playing in my local church and I'm slowly getting past my "If you don't hit it hard, no one will hear your mistakes" phase. Sadly this has lasted 5 years of playing in church and even now, one wrong hit from me and it's like the drums fall out of the foldback for everyone else.

Thanks for the lessons as they are really helping my confidence by being able to learn during the week, what I should be playing on a Sunday. Finally, I've found somewhere that gets that drummers are musicians too and not just people who make lots of noise, hopefully in time with everyone else.
The sheet music for us is worth the subscription on its own.



I am really excited to run through some of the songs on the site here and am grateful to have a way to practice worship songs at home. I didn't start playing the drums until my late 40's and joined the women's worship team at my church shortly after. I have been playing on the team now for about 5 years, but our bible study breaks for the summer so everyone can take care of their kids and go on family vacations. I look forward to having a way to practice even when we are not in session.

Winter Jam 2020

I've been with WA for 2 yrs. Noticed you last night playing with Austin French. Killer set dude.

Fairly new drummer

Hi Josh!
I have been playing the drums for about a year. I have been being taught by a very well established drummer who is getting a little low on extra time. Seeing as worship music is my sweet spot, I, of course, want to play it! I have been learning stick control and syncopation this year along with some beats. I decided to start playing the drums when I turned 60 years old and seem to be doing well. I am excited to move forward and am happy to have found this site. I am really looking forward to finally playing my favorite songs!

Greetings Josh

Hi Josh....thanks for sharing your gift for drumming and for providing instruction and guidance for those of us who want to worship Jesus this way! I am 63 years old and a beginner about 2 months into studying the drums. I am very thankful for these resources and for this music ministry, and I look forward with excitement at learning music that glorifies Jesus! Thanks again and blessings to you and the Worship Artistry team! :)

Nice to meet you

Hi Josh,
I'm looking forward to working through the 101 lessons and then diving into some songs. I started learning drums a number of years ago whilst at university but ended up not getting very far and having to stop to focus on studies. I'm now back to wanting to learn so am treating it as if I'm learning from scratch. Any advice would always be welcome :-)
God bless


Hi Josh, I am looking to learn how to play during worship. I have been playing on and off for awhile. Mostly self taught. Looking forward to learning from you.