Pedalboard Rundown 2.0

Just the facts

My board has been through a lot of changes lately and I couldn't be happier. Here's a rundown of the new signal chain. *Note: When I turn on the compressor the amp overdrives in the video. That's not a typical compressor feature. It's because I have the level turned up a bit so it strengthens the signal into the tubes. I'll go into more detail in my compressor walkthrough.

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Thanks for sharing

I love these types of videos because I love to nerd out on tone. I am by no means a tone master at all (I barely understand signal chain haha), but it is super fun to talk about and have friendly debates. I am currently using the Line 6 Helix Floor model that I got a few weeks ago and I do not envision switching anytime soon. Again, thanks for sharing! Jesus bless you and your family brother!


Thanks for this. I am loving this in-depth focus on tones and pedals, and especially from someone also on a budget. Looking forward to the more! If I may ask, please don't do a pedal demo (we can find those elsewhere) but more of an effect demo? In other words, how can we best use a particular effect in worship, and what types of sounds should we be able to get out of it for different settings/songs.

Great thoughts.

I've got a few of those around the Green Room and plan on doing them for all the pedals on the current board.