5 Ways To Get and Stay Creative

The year is a blank page

Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start. Here's how I plan to get and stay creative.

Sit with the Creator

If you’ve listened to the podcast you know what an impact regular, intentional worship, reading and listening time has had on my daily life. Shocking, I know. Still, it is at the top of my list again. I want to have much to give, but I’ve learned everything that’s worth giving comes from God.

Everything that’s worth giving comes from God.

Stay Healthy

Mental, spiritual and physical health are often deeply intertwined and I can usually draw some pretty straight lines between my daily habits and my level of creativity. Basic exercise and healthy rhythms keep the mind and heart fresh. I need breaks but I’ve got too many ideas that need to be fleshed out to sit around and watch Netflix all the time. Speaking of ideas…


Like most musicians, I can be pretty scatterbrained. Simplifying my plans into actionable steps keeps my creative juices flowing. Dr. Leo Marvin was right, it’s all about baby steps.

Trust the Process

Nobody feels brilliant all the time. Creativity usually comes in waves. Rather than fret and worry, trust the rhythm. Just make sure you’re ready to catch that wave when it hits again.

I can usually draw some pretty straight lines between my daily habits and my level of creativity.

Keep Learning

Learning stokes the fires of creativity and this year I’m going to take advantage of my own website and learn to play the drums. They’ve always been such a mystery to me but with the breakdowns on Worship Artistry I’m able to wrap my head around some of the ideas. I’ve already been through a couple lessons and I’m fired up to keep going.


I hope you have a creative year and that we at Worship Artistry are able to support you in the ways we can. We’re cheering you on.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for WorshipArtistry.com

5 Ways To Get and Stay Creative

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My Goals

I want to write 4 new songs this year.
I want to make specific, intentional contact with a team member every week and let them know how much they mean to me.
I want to grow our worship choir to 45 members.
I figured writing this down where other people can see it might help me feel more ready to pursue it. Thanks for the website. It's awesome.

Those are awesome goals

And writing them down makes them much more achievable. I especially love #2.

My goals

I want to write a love song to my wife (this was her one wish when I picked up the guitar).
I want to learn to play lead this year (only played rhythm and only been playing for 22 months)
I am currently putting together an acoustic worship set for our church staff and their families. Join me in prayer that God ordains that, equips us and doesn't let the devil distract us from pouring back into our church family

Consider yourself joined.

I'm a actually working on a course that will help acoustic players to transition to lead so keep a lookout for that.

Looking forward to this. I

Looking forward to this. I have just this week started the transition from acoustic to electric and I am desperately trying to stop playing electric like an acoustic.

The plan. Practice more than

The plan. Practice more than what I need for Sunday! Polish what I know and add to it :) God bless!

Practice more and focus on dyads/triads

My latest focus in practice is learning sets of dyads and triads. Picked up one of those rubber stamps so I can diagram the fingering positions. Generally you can play one dyad ( triad ) over the I and vim chords, one over the IV and iim and the third one for V and iiim ( or iiim7 ). This really helps to get out of the way of those filling up the low/mid range frequencies etc.
Oh, here's a practice aid that Fender is offering free for MAC and PC: