Meet The All New Worship Artistry

Worth the wait.

* As with any new launch, there can be glitches during migration. If you run into one, please email for prompt technical support. The comment section is for conversation. Thanks!

** The site performs best on Chrome and Safari browsers. If something doesn't seem right, be sure to try it on one of those and see if that fixes it.

*** If you are still using Internet Explorer, you'll need to upgrade to use Edge or Chrome.

We Know Change is Hard

Even changing from something okay to something great causes some pain. Please keep this in mind as you browse the site. It looks different and if that takes you by surprise we get it! The lesson workflow is the same. All the materials are still there and require the same amount of clicks or taps. You still have all the control. Take your time and play around. The old Worship Artistry was new to you once too.

Long Overdue

Here's something fun to think about. When we launched Worship Artistry, everyone on your street was getting Netflix DVD's in the mail and you could still reach every part of your iPhone with your thumb. Crazy, right? A lot has changed since then, but the important things have remained.

When we first dreamt up Worship Artistry, we wanted every tutorial to feel like as much like a live lesson as possible. We wanted to clear away clutter so you could focus on the task at hand. We chaptered the lessons so you could get to what you needed. We created sheet music and charts that operated independently of the video tutorials so you could move at your own pace. That technology didn't exist before! We invented that!

With the tools and environment in place, we set our sights on great teaching content and, based on the feedback we've gotten from thousands of musicians, I believe we managed to hold to that standard. As we built our library, the house we were working in began to need some updates. The floors were getting scratched and the paint colors were going out of date. We set about doing some touch-up work but we're dreamers, and our touch-up soon turned into a full remodel. It's taken much longer than expected, but the results are stunning. Here are just a few of the key features you'll find in the all-new Worship Artistry.  

Fully Mobile

We designed Worship Artistry to work really well on both desktop and tablets, but phones were so small at the time we didn't prioritize mobile functionality. Obviously, times have changed, so you'll find our new site completely responsive. It acts just like an app in your browser. That being said, we are working on an app that will be released shortly to make the best use of your phone or tablet screen. Keep an eye out for that.

Universal Search

In the beginning we had to make some content feel like a lot of content. 100 songs on an infinite scroll can feel like a pretty small library. Now we have over 500 songs plus additional video, audio and written content and we want to make sure you can find it all. The search bar searches everything and presents results in a beautifully organized manner. You can type in song titles and artists or words like "fingerpicking" or "Easter" and you'll get the results you are looking for. Not sure the name of a song but know a lyric? You can search that too. If we've got it, you'll find it.

Curated Content

We know from a lot of experience that the best way to build skill is to use it in the context of an actual song, so we have spent hundreds of hours curating tutorials that feature different techniques. Want to work on your tom grooves? There's a collection for that. Don't have a big keyboard rig? You'll find songs that just feature piano. It's great to prepare for Sunday, but Worship Artistry offers so much more than that. Commit to working through a collection and watch your ability grow. You'll enjoy playing on Sunday and everyday in between.

Coming up

We're not done! An app is just around the corner and we'll be inviting you to check out our vocal lessons very soon. We'll also continue to add new features to the site all the time. For now, enjoy the new look. Explore and learn. We'll keep the great content coming.

Last, But Certainly Not Least

We want to thank the hundreds of community members that BETA tested and offered their incredibly helpful and constructive feedback. This is truly a community we are proud to be a part of. Cheers to you all.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

Meet The All New Worship Artistry

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Just wanted to congratulate you guys on all the hard work you've put into making WA so much better!

Well done!

Thanks Jason!

We're just getting started

Search Engine

Love the new look but the search engine isn't working on my PC which means I am unable to get to the lessons.
I will say the basic lesson have been a Godsend for me. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Hi Chuck

Our developer Matthew will reach out to you via email and we'll see what's going on.

Should be good now!

Hi Chuck! Thanks for letting us know, there are some small server migration hiccups on the switchover that we are making our way through and this is one of them. The search application should be running ok now! Thanks for all your great feedback via email.


Super Excited about this! Worship artistry has been a HUGE HELP to me & I am looking forward to the new platform. Great job guys!!!

That's awesome!

We've got more on the way!

dont like it sorry

if it isn't broken don't fix it. Your tutorials are awesome, but i do not like the new layout. it is dark, unnatractive and not intuitive. sorry to be negative but you wanted comments.

Change can be jarring

but give it a chance. I generally always get frustrated with app updates but it's not long before I wouldn't have it any other way.

But... the old site kinda was broke

But, it kinda was broke before. The original search didn't always pull up what you were looking for, the website was unusable on mobile platforms, and you couldn't customize the sheet music before. The interface was great, but it is even better now! I am loving the new updates! Just give it some time and you'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Some things are better, but I

Some things are better, but I now have no favorites page so it is impossible to get back to the songs I want to work on. Also I have no access to the tabs. As a beginner it is so much easier to look at the tabs first then try to play along with the music and follow the lessons.

When I click on the icon in the upper left corner I get lesson, support etc. but I can't click on any of them. It is like the program is frozen.

You can access your favorites from main menu

But if that's not working we need to get that fixed for you! I'll have our developer contact you shortly and we'll get you up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience. While we figure out what is going on you can access your favorites at the same location here:

song search

I am not liking new lay out. I can not find song I have had access to for months.

What song are you looking for?

The search has been flawless in all of our testing so I'm wondering if it didn't get indexed somehow. We'll check. Can you see the song you are looking for in your "recently viewed"?

New site

I'm not caring for the new site. Finding it difficult to navigate and find things. Up until the change I was on everyday and loving it. Probably will not renew subscription.


I'm curious what you are having difficulty finding. The search function was migrating yesterday so there were moments when it may have been buggy. Can you give me a little more information?

Could you be more specific?

There shouldn't be spending more time with your hands on the device. Is there something in the workflow that is making it more difficult to use?


You brought light into the darkness. People on fire to play for Jesus but challenged by time, families to feed, fines to pay, child support, life whatever it may be, challenged by experience! I picked it up and refused to put it down till I turned 40 to raise 6 plus kids. I met dedicated passionate men and women that don't even speak the language. Height of frustration. Pastors Mark Deckard and Tony Lynd find you, I have hope, telling people at other church about access to the parts rhythms that make the songs I can work on theory great teaching aid We are not on 16th Ave or lower Broad in Nashville or 6th in Austin I made it back from Fanning street in Houston! If you are plotting genocide for those of us lacking computer skills or you don't like old people I'm sorry! Cause what you offer is necessary, priceless. Satan himself must really hate worship ! Elisha said bring me a musician And I'll Prophecy. Please don't give up. We need accurate information good solid communication. The Lord Bless you, CHARKIE G. CHRISTIAN

Hi Charkie.

We definitely don't hate old people or people lacking computer skills! We love you and that's why we've worked to make things easier to find and use. Change is always difficult for a brief time.

Think back to when you first started playing for worship. The instrument in your hands probably felt more like a distraction than something that was helping you worship and as you became more proficient at the technical side, the worship connection side opened up. Learning to navigate the new layout, while slowing you for a short time, will actually payoff and you'll find it much more nimble and easy to use on any device. Stick with it. If you are having trouble finding anything, it may be a technical problem and we want to help.


Distraction or obsession it's still my guitar. I checked all I found that fusion here at Church on the lake is dong which put them where I can find them. So we are back on speaking terms! Now how do I put in requests?

Feel free to submit anything via the contact form!

We read these pretty thoroughly!

And if you are putting in a vote for a specific song you can reach us here:

Both of these links should be available in the "support" section of the site's main menu.


New Layout and functions improvement

Nice slick layout. But I have couple of suggestions and improvement that can be made to the layout. Firstly, most users of your site will probably access your site via their phone. So, the layout should be collapsible or dragabble, so that a user can expand a view whilst hiding views containing functions hes not interested in.

Secondly, the video playback should have function that will enable a user to decrease or increase the speed of the video playback.

Thanks for the feedback

We have an app in the works. Those are great ideas.

Can’t Share Chord Charts to iBooks anymore :(

Having the ability to open chord charts in a separate window, then share (export) to iBooks was priceless for keeping track of tons or chord charts and flipping back and forth on the fly while on stage. Now when you export, you get the whole page, not just the chord chart. Is there a workaround?

Still awesome stuff and personally, I think the new site looks great.


Give the new Print -> PDF -> Add to Apple iBooks workflow a shot

We made a lot of improvements to chord chart formatting and those improvements have limited the ability for things like cut and paste / save to elsewhere / directly from the browser...

For a possible workaround/new workflow, Give the Print button a shot -> If you click on it, you should be able to use the PDF menu in the print dialog to either save a PDF or add the pdf directly to your iBooks library. This will add all of the song info and copyright info as well to the song sheet.

Let us know how it goes, Thanks!

New Format

I'm not a fan of the new format.

Could you more specific?

You might be experiencing errors that can be fixed. Please explain what you are not liking.

New Layout

I, too, am sorry as are many others I see here in the comments... Why does everything have to constantly trifled with and changed?

A whole generation with ADHD, or what? I use your site often, but haven't been on for over a month this last while, too busy. I appreciate all you have done very much, so I look up something tonight to check it out for Sunday service, and what do I find? Chaos and confusion. I hope you work out the bugs.

Let us know via the contact form what you are running into!

We did a very large beta test (more than 500 testers) and if you are seeing bugs, it would be good to get more info from you! Hit us up on the contact form, note that you'll need safari, chrome, a new firefox, or MS Edge for things to work as intended. If you are on android, you'll want to use a chrome browser instead of the default phone browser!

New site

Awesome site and tutorials for my bass practice sessions! Thanks also for making it affordable.
I love it!

Guitar on FIRE!

How does a guitar start on fire?


How does a guitar get caught up in a fire? That's super crazy!

Cool new set up!

I love the new set up! The only thing I would say is that where I live I have extremely slow internet so the new version of the website takes even longer to load things then in the old one. But there is obviously nothing you can do about that. Also, unfortunately you can't download the videos from the website anymore either, which also helped with my slow internet. Because I could than download for example a teaching video while I was in a store with fast internet and than watch it later. But, from what I can tell, I don't think you can do that. But, besides that, I love the new set up and can't wait for the app and especially the vocal lessons!