Vocal Lessons Are Live!

Everything you need to know

After months of planning, library building, tech creation and the birth of a baby, vocal lessons are here! 

We've wanted to introduce vocal tutorials for a very long time. As with every new instrument we've launched, it was important that we maintained the standard of quality and innovation you've come to expect from Worship Artistry. That means a gifted teacher, a teaching method that is efficient and effective, and tech that supports the content of each tutorial were all imperitive. It took awhile but we got the trifecta. Here's what to expect. 

Your Teacher

Shelby Rollins is such an incredible addition to the Worship Artistry team. She has been a professional vocal instructor for over 15 years and that experience shows in every tutorial. Her performances and parts are spot on (#noautotunenecessary) and her approach to teaching is clear and precise. You are going to love her.

Music Video

This is where it gets crazy. Each tutorial features a music video with realtime selectable parts. That means you can listen to all three vocalists at the same time or highlight a single vocalist on their own. This is invaluable for both learning your part as well as practicing along with the lead to hear how you fit in. 

*To access the switchability features, you'll need to use either Chrome or Safari. In addition, if you are using Chrome, you'll need to enable "Experimental Web Platform Features." Copy and paste this url, enable it, then relaunch your browser: 


Practice Loops

Practice loops are stripped down to vocal and keyboard so you can loop the sections you want to work on and practice the vocal nuances in each section. Unlike instrument tutorials, these are all full speed because, well, it would be weird if they weren't.

Sheet music

Just like the instrument tutorials, the sheet music is divided into sections so you can work on them one piece at a time. Unlike the instruments, lyrics are included so you don't have to go to the chord chart when singing along with the loops. The chord chart is still available if you'd prefer it.

The Growing Song Library

We've prioritzed songs based on popularity and our library will grow rapidly from here. We thought about holding off until we'd loaded more but we know you've been waiting and wanted to honor that by giving you access to what we've got. You can access all the lessons from the vocal dasboard. We think you're going to like what you find.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for WorshipArtistry.com

Vocal Lessons Are Live!

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Vocal tutorials from Shelby??!! xD

I’m so excited about you guys adding vocals! And not just any coach, you guys have Shelby as part of the team! I use to watch her vocal classes when she was teaching in singing success a long side with Brett Manning! You guys have take taken worship artistry to the next lvl!


We are amped!

She rocks.

I'm so pumped this is finally here!

Do you have plans to add fundamental and advanced lessons for vocals as you have for instruments?

more lessons...

Yes. We are looking at that now. We are continuing to grow our library of song tutorials and will notify everyone when fundamental and advanced lessons are available.