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Worship Leading

As someone who spent too long in life saying "I can't sing", I get pretty passionate when encouraging others to do it. I honestly wish I had Singing Success when I first started so I'm spreading the word about it now. Here is a brief overview of the program. While I haven't had an opportunity to try everything yet, I'm happy to at least recommend the 360 program. It's a little silly sometimes, but the content and teaching are second to none.

Singing Success 360

This your starter kit. It features 7 discs on technique and 7 on style. You might be tempted to skip those first discs but don't do it! Even those who have been singing for years can refine their technique and open up their voice explore spaces they didn't know existed. The exercises alone will strengthen your voice and the style lessons will help you adapt the techniqes and define your voice. It's available in either hard copy or digital download here.

Mastering Mix

Understanding and mastering are two different things. You may remember Shelby Rollings talking about connecting your registers so you aren't forced to break or crack when transitioning between them. This course focuses on just that. Available in hard copy or download here.

Don't let fear be the thing that holds you back from developing your voice.

Mastering Harmony

I struggle with hearing harmony and am always amazed at how other singers seem to grab it out of the air so easily. In this set Brett Manning teams up with Claude McKnight of Take 6 (um, he might know a few things about harmony). In all honesty I haven't taken this course but based on how impressed I was with the 360 program I would give it a shot. The teaching methods are very down to earth and they remove the mystery from singing. Available in box set or download format here.

Mastering Vibrato

While I've never imagined wanting to access vibrato, I do understand the value of having as many tricks in your bag as possible. Available for download here.


Whether you go with this program or something else, I want you to know that with work and determination you can learn to sing. Check out our podcast with Shelby Rollins to hear some basic exercises and thoughts on stepping out with your voice. Don't let fear be the thing that holds you back.

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Singing Success 360 Endorsement

So... I checked on the SS360 site and read their reviews... and I also Googled some SS360 reviews and found many so-so comments from Amazon buyers, a couple talked about poor quality of audio and such.

I guess I'm surprised that you are promoting this product.

Happy New Year... other than that, keep up the lessons.

I can only speak from my own experience

I never had issues with poor audio quality (I was using the online streaming version) and I just think they communicate the ideas very well (if a little eccentricly at times). I'm a results-oriented person and I find the exercises and coaching to be very effective. Once again, my own personal opinion. I also take website reviews with a grain of salt. The only times I've ever been tempted to review something is when I had a bad experience. In this case mine was good so I was happy to endorse it.