Are You In The Right Place?

We hope so.

There’s a scene in Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise’s character has an epiphany and writes a 25-page manifesto titled “The Things We Think And Do Not Say". It’s a risk, but the mission is more important than the reaction. Spoiler alert: He gets fired.

So why am I writing about an overrated rom-com from 1996? Sometimes we need to take stock and remember why we do things. We started Worship Artistry in 2011 with the intention of equipping musicians to bring their best in worship. I can say definitively that unlike Jerry Maguire, we have not lost our way. We’ve stayed true to our mission. We’ve shared a lot of our heart through our Green Room articles and The Worship Artistry Podcast, but I want to put it all in one place. These are things we think and need to say. There are a lot of messages out there regarding what it means to be a great worship musician and I don’t want to be lumped with all of them just because we have the word “worship” in our name. We want you to know what you are a part of. This is what Worship Artistry is about. This is who we are.

This is what Worship Artistry is about. This is who we are.

We are here to serve you and help you serve your church.

We’re not interested in you being the best musician. We want to help you bring your best whatever that is. When you bring your best consistently, your best will get better. 

We don’t care if you impress anyone with your chops. We want you to fit in the band so well that you go unnoticed. Disappearing into the worship gathering is the hallmark of a great worship musician.

Be successful in the right things.

We’re not here to induct you into an elite circle of musicians. We’re here to make worship music accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

We don’t want you to be the world’s best worship cover band (yuk!). We want you to learn the parts and adapt them to serve your community.

We would rather you play a song well than play it "right".

We don’t want your technical ability to limit you. We want it to free you to express your worship in the truest way.

Tune out the voices that say, “you need this product to be a good worshipper”.

We couldn’t care less if you ink a songwriting deal. We want to help you write great songs to give your church body a voice.

We don’t want you to be known as a gifted worship leader. We want you to be known as a servant-hearted worship pastor. 

We want you to love your people more than you love music. 

We’re here to make worship music accessible to anyone who wants to use it.


We want you to know that we care about you. Your ministry is our ministry. Your success is our success. Be successful in the right things. Tune out the voices that say, “you need this product to be a good worshipper”. Your heart makes you a good worshipper. If you’ve got the heart, we can teach you the skill. If this resonates with you then you’re in the right place. Let’s go further up and further in together.

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Very Grateful

I've read this manifesto post twice now (and probably will read it a couple more times) and just had to say I'm very grateful. Grateful for what you've done with Worship Artistry. Grateful for WHY you do this. Grateful for your impact on my ministry, and by extension, my team and my congregation.

In short...yep, I'm definitely in the right place.



You're a part of our community, Greg.

Thank You Jason

Beautifully done. Just like everything you do here. Thank you.

The community here is awesome.

So glad the message resonates.

A well balanced layout

I have come to rely on WA as my "go to" center for all things related to worship. I'm entering a new phase in life, at 68, I have retired myself from the 'platform' and now work as sound tech & mixing. Last spring I had the feeling that after this past summer I would retire from being a musician (electric and keyboards). I felt as long as I remained in place, no one would fill in the gap. I told my worship leader and pastor of my plans. I had to explain, "I'm the oldest person up there and there are others that can but won't as long as I'm there." As it turned out our lead sound tech left our church. BINGO... I slipped right in to his place. Maybe God was nudging me back in the spring? Well, two of our singers are wanting to play keys... and our current electric guitar player is picking up the songs just great... different than me, but he's filling the gap.

I will still keep up with learning our new songs (just in case they need a fill-in in a pinch). I will also monitor songs that come up on WA too, as possible ones for our congregation. And I will continue to be a faithful listener to your podcasts.

WA has a well laid out product; lessons, green room, podcasts, etc. If I want to ponder, I listen to the podcasts or go to the green room. If I want to checkout how songs can played or learn new techniques, I go to lessons (and green room).

Keep on keeping-on my friends.

South Haven, Michigan

Every church

needs a Rocky Starland