Devotional Worship with The Tuning Room

Podcast #77


The impact of getting our hearts in tune with God's can't be understated, but it's often easier said than done. In this episode Jason discusses his new podcast, "The Tuning Room" and shares the first episode which is meant to help us do just that. Subscribe to The Tuning Room here.

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Tuning Room


I listened to the Tuning Room intro #77 and really appreciated it. I would like to hear more. I think you are completely correct that there is an absence of this sort of thing in worship resources. I have often wanted to provide something similar myself, but have never taken the leap to do so, even though I have often had people say I should. Please continue to provide it and to continue in the same purpose that you have created it.

Thank you, Roishaka

The response has been wonderful and only encouraging. It's my every intention to keep it going and to always keep it what it is. Thanks for checking it out!