Founder And Finisher

A Worship Artistry Exclusive

As much as I’d love to promote independent music on Worship Artistry, the truth is the level of quality varies dramatically. Often you can find a great song without a decent recording. Other times the production might be great but the song lyrics aren’t striking. Every once in awhile though, something stands out. Enter Founder And Finisher.

Why we love it.

Pulling directly from Hebrews 12, Founder and Finisher is both a statement of faith and hope. It mirrors the text in a way I don’t hear that often in modern worship.  Musically it’s anthemic chorus and bridge fit the message perfectly and its strong hook will have you singing it all day. I heard it one time and it wouldn't let me go. The other thing I love is that Room519 isn't a specific "artist" but rather an umbrella to release songs to the church.

I've been told that the questions that you have to ask yourself when writing a worship song are:

Does the Church want to sing it?

Do we need to sing it?

Can we sing it?

“Founder and Finisher” by Room519 answers all three questions with an emphatic “YES”! It’s already ministering in a number of local churches and I want to share it with you. View the lyric video above, learn the song with this free Worship Artistry lesson, make it your own and introduce it to your church. We think they are going to love it. Tell us in the comments what you think.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

Founder And Finisher

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Multieffects recommendation

Hi Jason! Your tutorials have been amazing and have certainly improved my guitar skills.

I'm playing a Fender American Strat with DiMarzio Area 58x2 and 61x1 pickups (Lincoln Brewster setup). My amp is a Fender Bassbreaker using a Seinnheiser mic through the sanctuary PA. I'm very happy with my tone using a Eventide H9, Xotic Compressor, and a Keeley Katana.

HOWEVER, this rig is heavy and I'm looking at trying to lighten my load. Is there a multieffect board you would recommend? I've looked at the Line6 Helix, and while I like the idea of the screen's simplicity, it's more than I really need. I have a Zoom G5, but the tone is sterile and has background hiss that makes it tough to love.

So then, what multieffect board would you recommend? Thanks again for your service to the Lord in worship!

Kindest regards,
Dan Mackey

For simplicity's sake

I liked my experience with the Pod HD500X. You can also download a Worship Artistry patch for it for free.

Check out this post:

My Pedal

Hey Dan. My name is Dustin. I am by no means an expert of any kind on pedals. And when I went to buy a multi-effects pedal I really did not do as much research as I should have. I basically "lucked" into a great pedal. The pedal I have is the Boss ME-80. It's $299 new which obviously is not cheap. It's certainly not perfect, but I love it for worship. It has so many different options that it can really do just about anything. The thing I like most about it is the simplicity with which you can save & recall "patches (sounds/tones)" that you create for a certain song. You have 9 banks and 4 spots under each bank. The reason that I especially like this feature is that for our worship team, we play a variety of different artists (Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Lincoln Brewster, Matt Maher, Jeremy Camp, David Crowder, Hillsong, Kutless, Paul Baloche, Zac Hicks, Bethel Music, New Life Worship, Gateway Worship, Brenton Brown, Sovereign Grace, etc.). I list so many because all of them are quite different in how they play. The lead guitar has quite a wide range of sounds with all those artists. The Boss ME-80 can do all of them. I have had the pedal for roughly 4 years, and I have still not been able to explore all of the unique sounds I can create. It has a compression, Overdrive, Pre-Amp, Mod, EQ, Delay, & Reverb section. It has a volume/expression pedal & also a noise suppressor. I can go from sounding like a violin to ripping a Lincoln Brewster solo with as little as ONE foot stomp. I can go from sounding like a piano/organ to sounding like an acoustic guitar with as little as ONE foot stomp. The only two things that I have found that I do not like about it are: #1) there is no XLR output which alot of multi-effects pedals have. This is easily fixed with a direct box but extra hardware isn't fun. #2) changing the pedal between volume & expression function is accomplished by stomping on the top end of the pedal with it in "full volume" position. That's not such a bad thing except that you have to stomp extremely hard to get it to work. Other than those minor problems, I absolutely love the pedal. Any questions you have about it, I would love to answer for you.

Well said, I used to have the

Well said, I used to have the same pedal until I got my actual board. The only thing I would do in get an actual wah pedal (If you need it) and an actual overdrive (The low gain is good on the ME-80 but the high you get it starts to decline in quality) Hope this helps. Also my best expierence in music has been to play through an actual amp. That being said micing them just sucks. What I did was get a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 5. Its a lunchbox sized amp that still allows you to get the tube tone but also making it easy due to it's built in di.

Agreed on the overdrives

I actually like the Boss because it actually uses knobs like a real pedal but I did think the amp modeling wasn't as good as the POD's. I was able to get my AC-30 tone in an A-B test so close with the POD it was scary.

Budget and ease of use definitely plays into it - I assumed based on your Eventide it wasn't an issue :)

I was using the computer program to get all my settings on the POD. The Boss is definitely better for making adjustments on the fly.

Amp modeling

What do you mean when you say amp modeling? Like, I plug my pedal into an amp to produce the sound and then (eventually) the amp will be mic'd to go through the PA system.

The Boss GT-100 does

I just added it to our resource page. There are some benefits but from the demos I've viewed I think it has a more processed sound than the Line 6.