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Do More With Less. Not every worship team has the 30-piece band featured on the latest recordings, so we arrange each song for a 5-piece. Now you can sound just like the track without needing to use one. Don’t even have a team? Each guitar and keyboard lesson features a solo chapter so you can lead the song on your own.

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Worship Artistry not only captures our music, but the heart of worship within it.
There’s nothing else like it.” - Jon Egan, Desperation Band

Custom tailored to everyone.

Our song lessons provide as much or as little teaching as each player needs. Beginners can watch in-depth teaching on tone, parts and technique while advanced players can watch a quick song play-through, check the charts and be good to go.

Worship Artistry helped me learn and play songs that I thought were impossible to do. Thank You!” - Bill C.

The Latest Songs.

Our song library grows by the week with both the latest songs to connect with the church as well as those we’ve been singing for centuries. You can also rest easily knowing we feature and license the master recordings from the original artists. There is no condemnation for those in Worship Artistry.

Our award winning library of over 300 guitar lessons and ever growing collection of full band arrangements feature in-depth teaching, chord charts, tabs and sheet music for drums, bass, keyboard, lead and rhythm guitars.

Licensed lessons from Sony/ATV, EMI, Hillsong, Word and Integrity Music.

My Lighthouse

Little bit of alternate tuning on acoustic and we added some other instrumentation on lead.
Simple folk-ish tune!
I taught all the little licks but you can strip it down and play it more simply if you like.
Accordion time
Song Key: 

Glorious Day

Driving acoustic and your lead work will keep you busy
Pretty simple song!
Super easy straight groove
Tickle those ivories.
Song Key: 

Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery

Simple and Beautiful
Super easy on this one!!
Great Hymn feel.
Break out the upright
Song Key: 

Jesus, Only Jesus

Simple strummer with an fun timing twist.
This one is in 3/4 but it's pretty chill.
Simple part with a few nice melodic riffs.
A great piano ballad. Watch out for the meter changes tho.
Song Key: 

Exalted Over All

Pretty simple for 7 guitars...
Not a hard one to learn and we get to jam on those toms!
Groove at the end is fun and the bridge is a great part!
Pads and some sweet accents
Song Key: 

Only King Forever

Half time feel on the chorus and a whole lot of pedal switching. Get your dancing shoes on!
Seven different patterns on this tune. Yikes!
Some cool riffs in this one.
Easy piano and synth tune! Bridge is a little challenging tho!
Song Key: 

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (He Is Not Dead)

Your guitar players are going to love you. Nice and easy.
Fairly simple tune. Time to get friendly with your toms.
Great parts and easy to learn!
Synth and piano keep this one sounding full.
You Alone
Song Key: 

Christ Be All Around Me

Beautiful tune with simple finger picking and easy lead.
Only one groove making all that much more important to hang in the pocket.
Second verse is amazing!
A nice piano ballad.
Song Key: 
“I’m well rested and ready to worship come Sunday morning, thanks to the Worship Artistry Team. Late nights figuring out parts are a thing of the past.” - Tim D.

Raise up new leaders.

Worship Artistry isn’t just about learning songs. We are about growing people. Our members learn to think like musicians and play like leaders. The Green Room features articles on all aspects of worship leading and those conversations carry from the comments into your rehearsals.


Holy Harmonies

Take Jesus Reigns up a level.

This week I taught Holy Holy Holy (Jesus Reigns) by Highlands Worship. I loved the solo acoustic arrangement so much I decided to add some harmonies and open strings to create additional layers on the acoustic guitar. Check it out.


Paramount Preparation

There's No Substitute

Preparation has been on my heart lately. So pull up a seat and a cup of your favorite joe or a tall glass of sweet tea. It's time to ruffle some feathers.


The Funk Clinic

With Gunther "Tiny Hands" Smacklightski

And this is what happens when you let Daniel loose with a camera. Not sure if we'll actually use it as an ad but it sure made us laugh.


The Cue Dilemma

Cues and Don'ts

Tracks, clicks, and cues can, at times, be a lifesaver.  How can we take advantage of their benefits without forfeiting our own musicianship?

“With Worship Artistry I show up
to band rehearsal prepared
and inspired everytime.” - Desi S.

You’ve got the heart, we’ll teach you the skill.

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Licensed lessons from Sony/ATV, EMI, Hillsong, Word and Integrity Music.