Worship Acoustic Guitar Tutorials

Love to lead.

Play the worship songs you love on a stage or in a living room. Worship Artistry lessons gives you the confidence to know the song and adapt it to your setting.

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Everything arranged for you.

We arrange every song for team and solo playing. Lock in with the band or incorporate the melody, pick like the piano and build the dynamics on your own. 

Elevation Worship // Graves Into Gardens // Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Maximize your practice.

Prepare with our band or practice for an audience of One. Every song lesson features as much or as little instruction as you need. Watch detailed video teaching on both right and left-hand technique or jump right to the chord chart, practice loops, or play-along videos.

Get started with easy to follow chapters
Master every shape with detailed walkthroughs
Follow along with transposable chord charts, sheet music, and tabs
Lock in the rhythm with practice loops
Add some spice to your playing with our solo acoustic chapter

Play at your level.

Our library of over 600 songs is organized into collections to match your ability. Get started with four-chord strummers, work on your fingerpicking or give lead guitar a try.

Build your skills.

Our Beginner Guitar Course helps you start from scratch and our Skill Building Course helps you build on the fundamentals. Strengthen your rhythm, build your chord vocabulary, and play more challenging songs. Be the guitarist you've always wanted to be!

Take your playing anywhere.


You’ve got the heart, we’ll teach you the skill.

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