Be A Better Musician.

Welcome to the Green Room. This is a place for those who desire to be better musicians, better worship leaders and overall better people. It's a place to help one another grow. At Worship Artistry we bring our best by helping you bring yours so let's talk.

The Greenroom

From Piano To Keys with Ryan King

Worship Leading
Podcast #74

Ryan King joins the podcast to discuss making the transition from piano to keyboard.

3 Ways With Delays

Part 1 - Pads

Learn to use your delay pedal to create soft and lush pads beneath your own playing. No loop pedal required!

Playing With Octaves


Octaves are a fundamental part of playing bass. This chromatic exercise will help you learn how to play octaves so that you can bring them in effectively at just the right moment.

Michael Farren on Staying Inspired And...

Worship Leading
Podcast #73

Michael Farren joins the podcast to drop knowledge bombs from staying inspired, to working within the system, it's chock full of awesome.

Come People Of The Risen King Solo Piano


Leading on piano? This solo playthrough of Come People Of The Risen King, by Keith and Kristyn Getty, is designed for a more acoustic setting.

Bridging The Booth And The Stage

Worship Leading
Podcast #72

Former Chris Tomlin live sound guru Jeff Sandstrom joins the podcast to discuss bridging the gap between the sound booth and the stage. Imagine a world where sound engineers and the worship band are on the same team. Jeff has a vision for it.

Pedalboard Rundown 2.0

Just the facts

My board has been through a lot of changes lately and I couldn't be happier. Here's a rundown of the new signal chain. *Note: When I turn on the compressor the amp overdrives in the video. That's not a typical compressor feature. It's because I have the level turned up a bit so it strengthens the signal into the tubes. I'll go into more detail in my compressor walkthrough.

Keith Getty on Why We Sing

Worship Leading
Podcast #71

Keith Getty joins the podcast to discuss why, how, and when we should sing.

Singing In Church with Shelby Rollins

Worship Leading
Podcast #70

Shelby Rollins joins Jason and Daniel in studio for a big announcement and a discussion on church vocals.

How To Get That Reversed Snare Sound

No Technology Necessary

When I was preparing for David Crowder's "My Victory," I quickly realized that I had to get creative. When you listen to this song, pay attention to all of the production within this track. There are a lot of sampled sounds that you can't reproduce on an acoustic kit but there are some that you can get close to even if electronics aren't available. 

Practice With A Drummer

Better Together

If you only ever play on your own or in a full band you are missing out. Bass guitar is only a part of the rhythm section. In order to really grow you need to spend time with just a drummer to work out grooves and patterns that are fun to play and also have real world application. 

Brad and Rebekah on Writing with Pastors

Worship Leading
Podcast #69

Brad and Rebekah join the podcast to discuss writing with pastoral input and serving around the world.

How To Find Treasure In Your Music Trash Can


At Worship Artistry we are always adding new content as well as backfilling our older guitar lessons with additional instruments. With over 400 lessons it’s no small task! When we dig waaaaaaaaayy back into the archives I sometimes have to make updates or in some cases reshoot the entire lesson.  A few weeks ago I noticed something.

Jason and Stu G's Top 5 Guitar Solos

Worship Leading
Podcast #68

Guitar legend Stu Garrard joins Jason to discuss their favorite guitar solos of all time. It's not a best list but a favorites list. Listen to all the solos below.

Three Ways To Make Sure You Don't Blow It On Easter

Worship Leading
Brought to you by the satire department.

At Worship Artistry, we’re all about “bringing your best” and that goes TRIPLE for Easter so make sure you’re on your game. You should be stressed out. If you haven’t cried yourself to sleep every night for at least the last 40 days you’re doing it wrong! Sure, God has grace for us, but those people who only come to church twice a year don’t. They expect top quality and if they don’t get it, they’ll probably go somewhere else at Christmas. You want that weighing on your conscience? I sure as heaven don’t! Everything has to be perfect. Here’s three ways to make sure you don’t blow it.

How To Create Great Acoustic Sets

Worship Leading
Podcast #67

Acoustic sets should be different than your average set. In this week's episode Jason and Daniel take you through everything from setting vibe to each instrument's role in the band. This one is a great listen.

Whole Heart Solo Keyboard Walkthrough

Lead with Keys on this Passion Tune

Perhaps you're stripping down to an acoustic set but still want to include Whole Heart on the set list. If keys are leading solo, Ryan shows us how to fill out the sound and lead on piano for Kristian Stanfill's Whole Heart.

Cody Carnes on Creative Vision

Worship Leading
Podcast #66

Cody Carnes joins the show to discuss his latest album, writing creatively and in relationship. In Member Mail, Jason and Daniel discuss leading from a music stand.

An Anchor for the Soul

Josh's New Kit

Recently I parted ways with the DW kit that’s been my baby for the last 10 years. I've been wanting to venture outside of my comfort zone and get more of that old school vintage sound. My new kit has arrived!

Writing Big with Kristian Stanfill

Worship Leading
Podcast #65

Kristian Stanfill joins the show to discuss leading with other leaders and writing up tempo.