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Thoughts on "Faithful God" by I Am They

Does it fit a congregational setting

When I first heard Faithful God by I Am They, I questioned if it would really fit in a congregational setting.
After sitting with it for some time, I think the answer is a resounding “yes”! 
First, let’s look at the lyrics:

(Video) Play Your Guitar Like a Drum Kit

How to play acoustic guitar when you don't have a good drummer.

We don’t all have the luxury of a good drummer, but we can become the drummer with the way we play.

Essential Tools for Worship Leaders

Tools to help you with worship every week.

Not every tool I've used over my 10 years of worship leading has been essential. But there are some that I've started using and don't plan to stop anytime soon because I truly credit them with improving my quality of life.

Top Worship Songs in 6/8

Our favorites additions to a worship setlist

When building an engaging worship set, variety is your friend. Too many songs with the same tempo or feel can run together. One great way to add variety to your worship set is with a time signature change.

Worship Music Notation: Full Score vs Sections

How notation is meant to support your learning.

At Worship Artistry, we break tutorials and notation down into sections rather than offer them as full music scores. That’s a very intentional choice. Here’s why we do it.

Worship Songs for Father's Day

Song ideas for your Father's Day church service.

A church service on Father's Day is the perfect time to remember how loved we are by our Heavenly Father. 

(Video) How to Drum in Context

Adapting your drumming to the room that you're playing to

Worship Artistry drum instructor Sidney Joseph discusses how to adapt your drumming to the room you are playing to.

Worship Songs for Pentecost

Songs about Holy Spirit for your Pentecost Sunday setlist.

Pentecost is the celebration of the Holy Spirit coming. 

Transposable Tabs and Sheet Music

Worship Artistry presents a new feature

Your worship leader got a cold? Female vocalist taking the lead?
Transposable sheet music, tabs, and chord charts let you adjust your parts to fit this week's set. Check out the video to see it in action.

(Video) Everyday Vocal Warmup

Simple and effective warmup you can do everyday.

Worship Artistry vocal coach Chris Lockwood walks you through one of his favorite vocal warmups. Do it in the morning, on your way to church or anytime you want to lift your voice.