Be A Better Musician.

Welcome to the Green Room. This is a place for those who desire to be better musicians, better worship leaders and overall better people. It's a place to help one another grow. At Worship Artistry we bring our best by helping you bring yours so let's talk.

The Greenroom

How To Install Omnisphere Patches


Thanks for purchasing an Omnisphere Patch from Worship Artistry!  Amazing sounds are now at your fingertips.    Here's how to install the files and get the most out of your patch purchase.

Advent Week 2 - Peace

Worship Leading
Podcast #86

The guys talk about peace in the season, answer member mail on memorizing solos and finish out the episode with The Tuning Room.

How To Practice

Listen and Build

I prepare the same way for any size setlist. First and foremost, put the sticks DOWN.

What Really Matters in a Guitar?

Talking acoustic guitars.

Thanks to Doug Gould, I had the opportunity to be a foster home for some Martin guitars this month and was really struck by all the things that make a guitar what it is. From woods and body styles to scale length and neck shape. In this video, I take you through some of those guitars and what makes a guitar the right choice for you.

Advent Week 1 - Hope

Worship Leading
Podcast #85

The guys talk some gear, the benefits of anticipation and then close with the return of The Tuning Room to help you set your heart right for the season.

David Leonard on Creating In Community

Worship Leading
Podcast #84

David Leonard returns to the podcast to discuss his new label and the benefits and drawbacks of creating in community.

Golden Silence


In this video, Daniel demonstrates the effective use of silence in a song to build anticipation and vary momentum.  A well-timed rest can set the stage for a powerful moment. 

Resolving Conflict on the Worship Team

Worship Leading
Podcast #83

Ryan King joins the podcast to discuss moving to a new church and ends up putting on a clinic on resolving conflict.

Acoustic Christmas Instrumentals

Full lessons available

Whether for the stage or for the family, these acoustic instrumentals will brighten anyone's holiday. Learn them in time for Christmas eve.

How To Be A Diva


We all know that divas don't belong on worship teams but that doesn't prevent us from acting like one on occasion. If you're not sure if you're a diva, here's a guide on becoming one.

Leading Congregational Singing

Worship Leading
Podcast #82

Shelby joins the show to talk congregational singing.

Two Crucial Keys to Memorization

Chain, Chain, Chains... Chains and Cues

For years I’ve heard the debate about whether church musicians should use sheet music, chord charts, and music stands during a service. I have my own thoughts on this topic, but one thing is certain: the ability to memorize and recall music is an indispensable tool for every musician. Whether it’s a ‘four chord and a capo’ worship song or a 30-page classical piano solo, this is a skill every musician should develop. Here's how.

Josh Ward on Drumming

Worship Leading
Podcast #81

Josh Ward joins the podcast to talk a whole lotta drumming.

How To Create Chord Instrumentals


Ever wonder what to do when the instrumental roles around and you don't have a lead instrument? Here are some ideas on using the chord changes as the instrumental.

The Secret To Perfect Snare Tone

Get It Gushy

There are a few different products on the market ranging from $20-$100, depending on what you purchase, to help you find that perfect snare sound. Well, here's a quick and simple way to help you get that "phat", "gushy" sounding snare drum that's FREE! Check it!

Michael Farren on Equipping Songwriters

Worship Leading
Podcast #80

Michael Farren joins the show to talk about equipping songwriters for church and his latest album, Fighting For Us.

Beat the Bass Buzz


Sometimes house power can give a nasty hum when you take your hands off the bass.  Daniel shares an easy trade secret to keep it quiet.


Tasteful Delay on Bass

How to Use it Effectively

Delay on a bass certainly isn't for every song. But here's how it's used effectively in King Of My Heart.

Phil Wickham on Songwriting

Worship Leading
Podcast #79

Phil Wickham joins the podcast to discuss writing songs that work for the heart and the ears. Jason and Daniel hit some member mail.

Ministry or Platform

Worship Leading
Podcast #78

We're back and we're diving straight into the deep stuff. What is worship about and what separates a ministry from a platform?