The Greenroom

Hopeful Authenticity with Ryan Williams of River Valley Worship

Podcast #126

We would describe River Valley Worship's latest album Altars as "hopefully authentic". Having Ryan Williams on the Worship Artistry Podcast gave us insight as to why. Seeking real faith, singing before you believe and following the voice of God are just a few things we talked about on this episode. 

Jason Goes Live

Podcast #125

Jason went live on Facebook last week and hit on topics like taking your playing from your living room to the worship team, choosing songs, gear choice and more.

Zach Bolen on Style and Substance

Podcast #124

Zach Bolen of Citizens joins the podcast to discuss recording albums on Iphones and looking past style to create songs of substance.

Riff Ideas To Inspire You

Part 2

Still quarantined and still trying inspire your lead guitar playing. In this video we work our way up and down the scale in note sets of three.

Hanging With Paul Baloche

Podcast #123

Daniel takes the reins with close friend and prolific worship leader, Paul Baloche. Enjoy two old friends who have a rapport that's tough to match. Then in member mail Jason and Daniel share the stories of how they met their wives. You'll have a smile on your face the whole time.

The Best Way To Improve At Lead Guitar

Break Out of the Box

I’ve had lots of questions on how to break out of old patterns, improve at lead guitar and become more confident worship guitarist in general. While this depends on your goals, there is one thing you can always do to get better at lead guitar and I’m going to not only tell you what it is, but the best way to practice it.

How To Sound Live On Live Stream

Podcast #122

Sound Engineer Extraordinaire Doug Gould joins the podcast to talk about getting great sound from your live stream. Seems an appropriate topic, no?

Learn From The Greats

A little quarantine inspiration

I've been spending sometime exploring the internet for some inspiration and I've found some in my favorite songwriters. Here are a few of my favorites.

Cody Carnes on Bringing Worship Home

Podcast #121

Cody Carnes joins the podcast to talk about how God spoke to Him in a dream through Johnny Cash and Daniel tells the funniest worship story Jason has ever heard. You will laugh during this podcast.

How To Play Lead Guitar For Worship

With Tommy Tubetone

You gotta keep a sense of humor. Tommy goes beyond the typical lead guitar lessons and really shows you how (not) to do it.

How To Record Worship Sets At Home

A Simple Guide

With the stay at home order in place it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live stream and create a full band experience. Personally, I’ve gone to recording sets at home and have tried a number of different things that I thought I’d pass along.

3 Reasons To Warm Up Your Voice

Protect the gift!

Too often worship leaders "warm up" by singing the first song or two on a Sunday morning set list and think that's enough to get things moving. They couldn't be more wrong. Here's why.

Vocal Lessons Are Live!

Everything you need to know

After months of planning, library building, tech creation and the birth of a baby, vocal lessons are here! 

3 Ways To Shorten Your Practice Time

Less Practice and More Play

Last week in the Facebook Group, a member asked how much time per week we all spend getting ready for Sunday and I was surprised by how often 5-10 hours was the answer. Love the commitment but maybe we can find a way to save you some time. Here are 3 ways to maximize your practice time.