Be A Better Musician.

Welcome to the Green Room. This is a place for those who desire to be better musicians, better worship leaders and overall better people. It's a place to help one another grow. At Worship Artistry we bring our best by helping you bring yours so let's talk.

The Greenroom

All About Overdrive

Podcast #59

The brains behind Westminster and Nose Pedals join us to discuss what goes into the most ubiquitous guitar effect.

Don't Do It. Trust Me.

Think twice before you upgrade.

This is what I want to tell any musician who happens to use a computer for their music production and is eager to update their software when the latest version drops. I had to learn this lesson the hard way many years ago. 

Jason Ingram on Writing For The Church

Worship Leading

Songwriting extraordinaire Jason Ingram joins the show for an extended interview on what goes into writing some of the biggest songs in the church.

How To Lead Worship With Two Acoustic Guitars

Worship Leading
Acoustic sets are awesome.

Last week I received a request from one of our esteemed Worship Artistry members for some advice on leading with only two acoustic guitars.  I actually played in a band for a number of years with this arrangement so I’ve got some experience on the subject.  In this piece I’m going to outline the role of each guitar and then provide both written and video examples of how they work together.

How To Lead And Love Well

Worship Leading
Podcast #57

Songwriter and worship leader Benji Cowart joins the show and leaves the place a wreck from all the wisdom bombs he dropped. Jason and Daniel pick up the pieces with some tips on prepping with two electric guitarists.

Test Your Hymn Knowledge

Worship Leading
With Jason and Brian Wahl

Jason gets together with Worship Artistry member and PADS creator Brian Wahl for a test of hymn knowledge. It's nothing if not a good time.

What Is Playing Skillfully?


This week I was reminded that I have a Twitter account and as I perused the last few months' tweets, the question came up-- what does it mean to play skillfully? My initial thought is still my answer: “Always growing, but performing only what you can execute well." Let’s break that down.

How To Be A Successful Worship Leader

Worship Leading
Podcast #56

Daniel and Jason get together to talk about 3 things you absolutely need to be a successful worship leader. Some may surprise you. Give it a listen.

Building Patches for Worship

Worship Leading
Podcast #55

Keyboard instructor Ryan King joins the show to discuss building patches for worship and the brand new Worship Artistry patch store. Check out the store here.

Patch Perfect

Make sure your rig is right

What do I need in order to sound like the album?  How do I get that Hillsong/Elevation/Jesus Culture sound? What gear are they using?  In the past, you would have needed to save up a ton of money to buy about a dozen different keyboards, modules, pedals, and more. Fortunately with today’s technology, you don’t have to do that, thanks to ‘soft synths’ and patches.

Paul Baloche on Helping People Worship

Worship Leading
Podcast #54

Paul Baloche joins the show to talk about helping musicians, leaders and congregations worship. You'll glean a ton of wisdom from this interview. Enjoy.

Playful Pentatonic

Improvise in your F# Minor Pentatonic

Here's a five-note Minor Pentatonic Scale for the key of A that's ready for you to dig into. Move up and down the neck on these for added interest and depth.  

Empowering Women in Worship Leadership

Worship Leading
Podcast #53

Leslie Jordan of All Sons And Daughters joins the show to share her own experiences and offer thoughts on empowering women on your worship team. Jason and Daniel answer an in-depth question for member mail.

Is It Time To Leave the Woodshed?


Two months ago I was invited on a 72-hole golf weekend with three of my close friends. Here’s the problem: I’m terrible at golf. I started later in life and never had a single lesson, so every swing is basically a guess. 

Does Attitude Beat Skill?


This past week we brought a new drummer into the rotation at my church. I added some input to help the overall feel of the song and to simplify the groove. He was open to the advice and understood where I was coming from to help the song. This really impressed me and I have even more respect for this guy now. 

Leading For The Long Haul

Worship Leading
Podcast #52 with Matt Redman



Matt Redman joins the show to talk about his 20 years in leading worship, keeping the heart, working in community and his latest project. Learn to play Matt's latest single with Tasha Cobbs Leonard "Gracefully Broken" here.

Leading Worship From A Full Well

Worship Leading
Podcast Episode #51

Dustin Smith joins the show ahead of the WFX conference to discuss writing pastorally, leading from a full well and 15-year-old Justin Bieber worship songs. In member mail, Jason and Daniel discuss getting back into the rhythm of practice.

Play This Easy Groove With ANY Worship Song

Well, at least in 4/4

Just starting drums? Do you drop into a panic everytime the worship leader switches the setlist? Do you feel like you have to be incredibly talented to play even the simplest songs? Well have I got news for you! This basic, BASIC groove will work with any song in 4/4. It's the Swiss Army Knife of drums.

Tim Timmons on Using 10,000 Minutes

Worship Leading
Podcast #50

3 Ways Proclaim Changed My Game

Worship Leading

I don’t suggest a lot of gear on this website, but when I come across something that’s a game changer for me I want to share it with you. Proclaim presentation software is quickly becoming one of those tools I don’t want to live without. Why? I’m glad you asked.