Be A Better Musician.

Welcome to the Green Room. This is a place for those who desire to be better musicians, better worship leaders and overall better people. It's a place to help one another grow. At Worship Artistry we bring our best by helping you bring yours so let's talk.

The Greenroom

Bethel's Amanda Lindsey Cook On Getting Back To Basics

Podcast #102

Bethel's Amanda Lindsey Cook joins the podcast to discuss clearing the noise and drawing close to God.

Agressive Defense

Thinking through Defender's lyrics

I admit it. My first listen to Defender jarred me. “You come back with the head of my enemy.”  Wait a minute, what? Can I sing about decapitation in church? The question isn’t if I can, but if I should. Let’s talk about it.

How To Be Your Own Metronome

Tips and Tricks
Calibrate your inner clock

When we chose drums as our instrument, we signed up to be the leader of the rhythm section and that’s a vital role. As we go so the band goes. So how do imperfect people play in perfect time? Using a metronome or click track is a great place to start but it’s no substitute for developing your “internal click”. Here are a couple of training exercises to help you develop your internal metronome.

Fifth Note Lead-In

Tips and Tricks
Subtle but Spicy

Add a little spice to your chord progression with this simple note.  Daniel shows us where to slip it in.  

Shelby Rollins on Developing Church Skills

Podcast #101

Vocal coach Shelby Rollins takes a break from building her Worship Artistry tutorial library (coming soon) to give some tips on church vocals.

Meredith Andrews on Leading Worship For Everyone

Podcast #100

Meredith Andrews joins the podcast to discuss leading worship that everyone can grab onto.

How To Nail Your Volume Swells

Tips and Tricks
A few tips for great playing

Volume swells are simple to play. Just follow these guidelines to get you started.

3 Awesome Guitar Videos To Inspire You

Inspired Playing From The Greats

Everyone needs a little inspiration. I often find if I'm uninspired it's because I'm not filling my creativity well with the work of other creatives. I stumbled down a YouTube hole last night and couldn't wait to pick up my guitar this morning. Here are some of my favorites.

How To Beat The Bass Amp Blues

Tips and Tricks
Get the volume without blowing the sound mix.

One of the most difficult things to navigate when playing bass in church is that it is often difficult to hear yourself play without getting so loud that it ruins your sound for the sound guy. Here is how to beat the bass amp blues.

Jon Egan on Opening Up

Podcast #99

The Desperation Band frontman talks about growing up, growing out and opening up.

How To Use A Master Filter

Tips and Tricks
Learn how to clean up your keyboard patches so they can really shine.

Learn the knobs.

London Gatch on Trusting In Transition

Podcast #97

London Gatch joins the podcast to discuss trusting when God tells you to leave something successful.

Bethel's Brian Johnson on Battling Anxiety

Podcast #98

Bethel Music's Brian Johnson joins the podcast to get real about his battle with anxiety and the role of worship in it.

Playing On Easter?

Read this.

With Easter being this Sunday, I wanted to offer a brief word of encouragement to all who are playing for worship.

Strengthen Your Non-Dominant Hand

Tips and Tricks
Try this exercise this week

It never hurts to work on the fundamentals and this little exercise can help. Get control of your non-dominant hand.

Francesca Battistelli on Space And Balance

Podcast #96

Francesca Battistelli joins the podcast to talk being a musician, a worshipper, a wife and mother of four.

G7th Performance 3 Review

Does this capo keep your guitar in tune?

Jason gives the G7th Performance 3 capo a review and tests the Adaptive Radius Technology.

Mack Brock on Stepping Out

Podcast #95

Mack Brock joins the podcast to talk about stepping out and taking risks.

Bethel Music's Bethany Wohrle on Being Ready For The Moment

Podcast #94

Bethel Music's Bethany Wohrle joins the podcast to being ready for the moment and building a culture of worship.

A Bit on Slap Technique

Tips and Tricks
A quirky little bass trick, demystified.

Daniel demystifies the slap technique for bass guitar.