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Welcome to the Green Room. This is a place for those who desire to be better musicians, better worship leaders and overall better people. It's a place to help one another grow. At Worship Artistry we bring our best by helping you bring yours so let's talk.

The Greenroom

A Bit on Slap Technique

Tips & Tricks
Just in case you are covering Seinfeld

Daniel demystifies the slap technique for bass guitar. 

Jonathan Mason on Equipping The Church

Podcast #93

Curb/Word Worship guru Jonathan Mason joins the show to discuss what it takes for musicians to equip the church.

Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Demo and Review


Jason does a full demo and review of the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI. Spoiler alert: he loves it.

Passion's Melodie Malone on leading with passion.

Podcast #92

Passion's Melodie Malone joins the podcast to discuss leading with passion and growing into ministry. Jason and Daniel give tips on getting good direct sound.

Leslie Jordan On Transition

Podcast #91

WE ARE BACK! Former co-leader of All Sons and Daughters, Leslie Jordan joins the show to discuss stepping away from a successful band and being called into something new. Jason and Daniel answer member mail on choosing songs that fit your congregation.

Fix Your Chord Changes With This One Simple Tip

Tips & Tricks

Nearly every guitar beginner struggles with chord transitions, but mastering your changes might be easier than you think.  Here's the tip every guitar player you know forgot to tell you.

New Crash, New Crush


I’ve recently purchased some new cymbals and I wanted to share.

Playing With Patience

Tips & Tricks
Extending Dynamics

Surrounded (Fight My Battles) is a song that builds forever. Jason shows you some ways you can extend songs like that with a solo acoustic leader.

Member Mail 2019

Leave a question for the podcast

We're always looking for new member mail questions. Leave one in the comment section or email us at

Subdivisions Simplified, Part 2


Changing your subdivision frequency is a simple, but surprisingly effective way to create more dynamics on the bass. Up your subdivision to eighth or even sixteenth notes to drive the song more. Or, shape the landscape of the whole song by accenting specific beats within the subdivision in one section of the song. Put it into practice with Hillsong's New Wine.  

How To Conduct Auditions

Part 2

If you haven't checked out Part 1 on setting the tone, give it a look. We continue on with the details here.

How To Conduct Auditions

Part 1: Setting the Tone

It’s hours before your service and you receive the dreaded text: your one and only drummer is sick and can't make it You can indeed make it through a service without your drummer but maybe you also want to figure out how to build your team. How do you identify musicians, develop them, and prepare them to lead? 

How to Introduce "Is He Worthy?"


I'll admit it. When I first heard "Is He Worthy?" I didn't get it. How do you introduce a song in worship that begins with a question? Didn't we move on from call and response songs after "Hail hail, Lion of Judah"?

Subdivisions Simplified, Part 1

Tips & Tricks
Maximize the Effect of a Single Note

Depending on how you subdivide a bass note within a measure, you can subtly add energy to a phrase or bring it down. Daniel shows us how to utilize note subdivisions effectively within a song.

How to Really Listen to a Song

Tips & Tricks
Develop Your Musical Ear

Most people listen to music when they are doing something else.  If we musicians want to become better at our craft, we need to learn the art of critical listening.

Advent Week 4 - Love

Podcast #88

Love unfathomable. Merry Christmas.

The Finish Line

I can see it

2018 has been a challenging year here at Worship Artistry. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Great ambition always meets great resistance.

Advent Week 3 - Joy

Podcast #87

The guys talk joy and Christmas songs. Subscribe to The Tuning Room wherever you get your podcasts.

How To Install Omnisphere Patches


Amazing sounds are now available at your fingertips through the Worship Artistry Patch Store!  Here's how to install the Omnisphere files and get the most out of your patch purchase. 

Advent Week 2 - Peace

Podcast #86

The guys talk about peace in the season, answer member mail on memorizing solos and finish out the episode with The Tuning Room.