The Greenroom

Worship Artistry Acoustic Guitar Run Down

Every guitar sings a different song

In this video, Jason features the acoustic guitars in his collection and explains the unique sounds and advantages of each one. If you're a Worship Artistry member, you might spot a familiar friend in one.

Sidney Joseph on Music Mastery

Podcast #147

Worship Artistry drum instructor Sidney Joseph joins the podcast for an informal chat about music, improvement and what makes you want to keep playing.

(Video) Complementing Ministry Moments on Keyboard

A helpful walkthrough of what and how to play during special ministry moments in a service.

A keyboard player can set a tone of reflection and reverence for a speaker. Worship Artistry's keyboard instructor, Ryan King, shows you how to play, or "pad", behind prayer, ministry, or spoken moments of a service.

Zach Bolen on The Joy of Being

Podcast #146

Citizens lead singer Zach Bolen joins the podcast to discuss their latest album "The Joy of Being" and talk about the revolutionary nature of the gospel and Peter Cetera.

Our Favorite Songs for Easter

Worship Artistry teachers share their favorite songs for Easter. Some talk music, others talk lyrics and some share powerful stories.

Easter is an important holiday on the Christian calendar and worship leaders can always find a strong selection of Easter worship songs at Worship Artistry. We love them all, but we've got our favorites. We asked all our teachers to share what their favorites are and why.

Ryan Dahl on Finding Songs for Every Moment

Podcast #145

Praise Charts founder Ryan Dahl joins the podcast to talk about creating positive team culture and finding songs for every worship moment. He also talks a lot about corn hole. Jason and Daniel discuss positive creative perspective.

How to Make Practice Time Worship Time

Great advice for any worship musician

"Practice makes perfect!" I can't tell you how many times I heard it growing up. At some point, maybe college, I even heard the phrase refined to be "Practice makes permanent". Either way you say it, there's truth to it.

Worship Artistry Pedalboard 2021

Check out the new lineup

For 2021 I decided to make a few changes to the Worship Artistry guitar pedalboard. Here's a walk through and a short demonstration of some of the new tones.

Song Reflection

Good God Almighty

Crowder's Good God Almighty is so much more than a fun, bluesy gospel tune. Give the lyrics a read and then take a moment to reflect.

Pat Barrett on Writing Songs that Sting

Podcast #143

Pat Barrett joined the Worship Artistry podcast for a challenging conversation about scripture, materialism and writing songs that sting. Jason and Daniel talk about pet baboons and parrots, so you know, definitely worth a listen.

You Are The Lord

Brief Devotional Thoughts

It's so important for us worship leaders to be inspired by the songs we lead. If our songs don't carry weight for us, how can we expect others to engage fully? Whenever I introduce a new song, I try to spend time with it; to go beyond the great hooks and dig into the lyrics. I want to know what this song means to my community and how it can better help us know the God we serve. 

Mack Brock on Faith, Trust and Creativity

Podcast #142

Mack Brock joins the podcast to discuss faith, trust and finding creativity during a pandemic. Jason and Daniel will have you rolling with stories this week.

Riffing on Evidence

Proven moves

You don't always have to stick to the recording and in this post I'll show you an extra change for you to play with.

Vocal Instructors Chris and Joy Lockwood

Podcast #141

New Worship Artistry vocal instructors Chris an Joy Lockwood join the podcast to talk about how music brought them together, the benefits of practice and what it takes to be an authentic vocalist.

How To Chord Like A Pro

Level up.

In this post, Worship Artistry keys instructor Ryan King shows you how to take your keyboard chord voicing to the next level. Grab your keyboard and play along.

Meet New Drum Instructor, Sidney Joseph

Podcast #140

Worship Artistry is excited to begin a new era with drum instructor, Sidney Joseph. There's more to the man than a rad accent. Learn what makes him tick, the things that make a drummer great and what you can work on to grow.

Change Is Good

New Faces and New Places

2020 was a tough year for all of us and the Worship Artistry team was no exception. Covid changed the landscape and two of our instructors were casualties. No, they didn't die (Thank God) but both drum instructor Josh Ward and Vocal instructor Shelby Rollins lives were changed enough that Worship Artistry was no longer a fit.

The Best Gear Demos on the Internet

Learn from the masters.

If you've watched any of my tone videos, you'll probably notice I tend to keep it pretty simple but over Christmas I found myself itching for a change and it sent me on a days long YouTube trip into some really informative guitar gear shows. These guys are both educational and entertaining so I thought I'd share my favorites.