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Worship Music Notation: Full Score vs Sections

How notation is meant to support your learning.

At Worship Artistry, we break tutorials and notation down into sections rather than offer them as full music scores. That’s a very intentional choice. Here’s why we do it.

Worship Songs for Father's Day

Song ideas for your Father's Day church service.

A church service on Father's Day is the perfect time to remember how loved we are by our Heavenly Father. 

Worship Songs for Pentecost

Songs about Holy Spirit for your Pentecost Sunday setlist.

Pentecost is the celebration of the Holy Spirit coming. 

Our Favorite Songs for Easter

Worship Artistry teachers share their favorite songs for Easter. Some talk music, others talk lyrics and some share powerful stories.

Easter is an important holiday on the Christian calendar and worship leaders can always find a strong selection of Easter worship songs at Worship Artistry. We love them all, but we've got our favorites. We asked all our teachers to share what their favorites are and why.

Making Practice Time Worship Time

Learn how practice time can transform your on-stage experience.

"Practice makes perfect" is a phrase I can guarantee you've heard before. You may have also heard "practice makes permanent"... Either way, there's truth to the statement. The way we practice is important! If we skip over missed notes and never correct them, we will never hit the correct notes when we are performing. If we don't sing the correct lyrics when we are practicing, we will likely not sing the right words when we perform. It's during our practice that we should take time to get it right.

Song Reflection: Good God Almighty

Analyze the lyrics and reflect.

Crowder's Good God Almighty is so much more than a fun, bluesy gospel tune. Give the lyrics a read and then take a moment to reflect.

Song Devotional: You Are The Lord by Passion

Songs that carry weight

It's so important for us worship leaders to be inspired by the songs we lead. If our songs don't carry weight for us, how can we expect others to engage fully? Whenever I introduce a new song, I try to spend time with it; to go beyond the great hooks and dig into the lyrics. I want to know what this song means to my community and how it can better help us know the God we serve. 

Song Ideas for Christmas Worship Sets

Find Some Inspiration

Building Christmas worship sets is one of my least favorite parts of the holidays. The jaunty uptempo vibe often doesn’t match the rest of the service. Do you go with waiting themes for Advent or jump right into the Christmas tunes? Do you just fully commit to Christmas and abandon the normal set? Do you mash them together with awkward transitions?

Ten Great Thanksgiving Themed Worship Songs

Grace and Gratitude

What’s the best part of halloween being over? Getting ready for Thanksgiving, of course! Sure there’s the turkey, stuffing and football, but the best part is the intentional time of gratitude. Here our favorite worship tunes to bring your heart in line with the season.

4 Steps To Memorizing Your Music

We don't need no stinking charts!

I have a love/hate relationship charts. I love them because they make it possible for volunteer worship musicians with full-time job and family commitments to hang with the band on Sundays. Awesome. I hate them because they steal the joy of playing freely and confidently because once you’re stuck to one you can’t escape it. Not awesome.

How To Speak Musician

Talk the talk

We’ve all got different backgrounds in music. Yours is probably different than others' on your worship team and sometimes practices can start feeling like the tower of Babel. Here are some ways to start speaking the same language.

How To Beat The Sunday Butterflies

Don't let nerves ruin your worship set

One of our members wrote this week to share his all-too-familiar Sunday screw up story. After nailing a song in rehearsal, the moment came in the service for him to launch into the intro and he crashed...hard. What happened? He knew the song and rehearsed it well, but his nerves still go the best of him. How do you get beyond the butterflies?

How To Enjoy Playing Worship Every Sunday

Confidence is key

Leading worship is a privilege and a gift, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Here’s how to change that and bring the joy back to every note.

How To Ask Your Worship Pastor Anything

And Actually Get Them To Listen

Whether it’s getting the songs out earlier, allowing music stands or not making last minute changes, we all have something we think our worship pastor can do to make our lives easier.

Learn From The Greats

A little quarantine inspiration

I've been spending sometime exploring the internet for some inspiration and I've found some in my favorite songwriters. Here are a few of my favorites.

3 Reasons To Warm Up Your Voice

Protect the gift!

Too often worship leaders "warm up" by singing the first song or two on a Sunday morning set list and think that's enough to get things moving. They couldn't be more wrong. Here's why.

3 Ways to Beat Stage Fright

You can do it.

When I first started playing for worship, my best friend was a large plant on the end of the stage. I loved it because I could hide behind it and I play guitar to my hearts content. Nobody could see me and that was the point. 

3 Tips on Playing For Prayer

Don't be a distraction.

There are often moments in a worship set where someone is talking, praying or just waiting to go into the next song where we are tasked with playing background music. While there are no hard and fast rules on what you should play, here are a few ideas to keep you from becoming a distraction.