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Submitting your own music?

If so, please read the following before contacting us.

All song submissions must include a link to a recording (mp3, aac or AIFF) and chord chart with lyrics. Songs will be chosen for teaching based on the following criteria:

  • Lyrical content: Lyrics must be unique, well-written and theologically sound.
  • Recording quality: The song must be able to stand up to the rest of the songs on the site. If you can put it in a playlist with other professional songs and not hear a noticeable drop in quality, you’re there.
  • Congregational Application: Songs on Worship Artistry are meant for a broad church audience. If your song is being successfully sung in multiple church environments, chances are we will consider it. If it’s a song you only sing in the privacy of your home or with a few trusted friends, it may not be ready for wider church use.

By submitting your song, you are acknowledging that you are the sole owner of all written and recorded material. You are giving Worship Artistry permission to stream and display all content without monetary compensation. Worship Artistry does not hold ownership of any material submitted.

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