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If this wonderful FAQ section doesn't answer your specific question, then please reach out to us via the "Contact Us" form.

How can I contact Support at Worship Artistry?  

If you're haven't recieved a response from us, something's amiss.  We respond to customer inquiries promptly, within office hours, so if it's been several days we'd like to know.  First, try our contact form, then message us on Facebook, email us at, or call us at (877) 545-6888.  (This number goes to a voicemail but we'll respond by email as soon as we can.)  

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channelfollow us on Instagram, and friend us on Facebook as well... these are our main venues for augmenting lessons and answering questions.

Using the site

I can’t find the song I’m looking for.

That’s technically not a question, but we digress. Simply look it up through the magnifying glass icon on the Dashboard or under "Search" in the :// menu.  If our engine can’t hunt it down, we don’t have it…yet. We are adding new content all the time and we like to hear from our subscribers which songs should top our “to do” list. Simply fill out our song request form and shoot it our way. 

How often do you add new content?

We believe that with all of the music being released, it is impossible to have enough high-quality, well-organized content. It is our goal to add one new song each week, but we also keep adding vocals, bass, and drums to lessons that previously included only guitar and keyboard.  We're always working on adding songs and lessons.  

Is Worship Artistry legal?

Yes! Half of the work that goes on behind the scenes here is keeping song licensing on the up and up. There is no condemnation for those who are in Worship Artistry.

Where does the content on the site come from?

All of our content is created by the teacher, which makes Worship Artistry unique. We don’t have someone in Texas creating the chord charts while someone in New York writes up the tablature. Even the editing is overseen by a teacher to make sure the camera is focused on what they want you to see. We’re all about consistency.

Is this site just for churches?

God can hear you on stage in front thousands or in your room in front of stuffed animals. Our goal is to give everyone the tools to worship Him with music.

Can I print chord charts and sheet music?

To print the chord chart, simply select the print icon when you're in the song lesson.  Our tabs and sheet music are printable with the new update, but they have to be printed in individual sections of a song. If you really want to print a full page, you can screenshot what you have open, paste the sections into a document, and print it that way. 

I can't hear my instrument in the 'Practice Mix' or 'Play Along.'

Don't worry, that's the point.  We drop the volume of your instrument down so you can hear yourself play along with the other instruments on the album recording. It's a great way to get a full-band practice experience when you're on your own.  If you want to hear the master recording with your instrument, the Music Video is what you're looking for. 

My Account

Can I share my account with a friend?

No, that's like sharing a piece of pre-chewed gum. Everyone at Worship Artistry is working incredibly hard to bring you this content at what we consider to be a very reasonable price. We have a number of payment plans to best accommodate your needs, so please help us keep prices down and content flowing by respecting the time and energy it takes to make this site what it is.  If you'd like to go in with your friends or your worship team, sign up here with one of our team plans.  

How do I add team members?

Visit the :// Menu > My Account > Manage Team > Add Members to add new team members to your team account. We'll automatically send them their new login information.

If your team member has had an account with Worship Artistry prior to joining your team, they can continue to use their old login. They will be automatically added to your team account.  If their subscription is still active, the addition may not be automatic, so reach out to us and we'd be happy to take a look at their account and add them to your team for you.  

Can I replace team members instead of upgrading team size?

Absolutely.  Purchasing a team size unlocks that number of team members, but you can change the roster at any time.  Visit the :// Menu > My Account > Manage Team > Add Members to delete members, then add new ones.  If you need to swap them back, follow the same process.

Do I need to buy multiple subscriptions for access to lessons on multiple instruments?

Nope!  One subscription unlocks access to our entire lesson library and all instruments.  So if you sing and play multiple instruments, more power to you.  At the same time?  Well, send us a video because that's something we'd like to see!  

Transposable Tabs

Can I print all the tabs for a song at once?

Yes, you are able to print our tabs with the new update, but they have to be printed in individual sections of a song. If you really want to print a full page you can screenshot what you have open, paste the sections into a document, and print it that way. That said, we encourage you to ditch the printing altogether and use the incredible device you are reading this on. You’ll never go back.

Are Transposable Tabs included in my plan?

Yes! -- if you joined the Worship Artistry community after November 19, 2019.  If you joined before November 19, 2019, we consider you a "Legacy Member."  Legacy Members can purchase the Add-On, which now includes Transposable Chord Charts, Guitar and Bass Tabs, and Keys Sheet Music, all for the same price. You can purchase the Add-On with a few clicks in your "My Account".  It's a few extra dollars, still less than the updated pricing, and well worth the upgrade.  If you're a Legacy Member with an Annual Team Account, contact us first to see if we're able to adjust your account to add it.  

Tech Info

Do I need a fast Internet connection to use Worship Artistry?

Yes, you do. Our site’s features require the best technology out there to give you—our users—the best experience possible. We could lower our standards, but that would lessen your experience. 

Are all videos in HD?

Of course. If the teachers don’t clip their nails, you’ll be the first to know. (We do think this is highly unlikely, however, especially for Jason, since he’s a bit obsessive about the whole thing.)

I'm having trouble viewing lessons.  

As always, check our system requirements to make sure you have what you need in order to use our site.

  • High-speed/broadband (+1.5mbp/s) Internet.

  • Most Current Version of Flash 

  • You'll need "JavaScript" enabled on your browser, the newest version. 

Try logging out and back in to Worship Artistry.  If that doesn't work, try restarting your browser.  Sometimes that allows the system to reset. 

Check to see that cookies are enabled.  

Try a different browser.  We've noticed that Worship Artistry works better with Chrome and Safari, but you might try a different one as well, just to check.  Also, try viewing on a different platform (phone, tablet, or computer) to see if it's an issue across devices or localized to one device.

If you use any Internet Filtering services, such as Covenant Eyes, you might check the settings to ensure they're allowing Worship Artistry.

If you at any time have manually changed your DNS server, change it back to its default setting to see if that makes a difference. 

If you've checked into all these and are still having trouble, let us know and include any specific error codes you come across.


For best results, use Worship Artistry in the Google Chrome browser. Safari also works well.

Using song tutorials:

Check out this intro video for a walkthrough of how to navigate the lesson environment.

How many instruments do you have?

Currently, we have five, plus vocals: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, and bass guitar.  All accounts include all instruments, plus vocals.  

How much music experience do I need to use Worship Artistry?

The beginner lessons on Worship Artistry are designed to teach space aliens who have never heard music before. Seriously, once you’ve got those few lessons under your command, you can move on to the song lessons that have tools for every level of musician. We are all about helping you bring your best, wherever you might be in your journey.

Are the lessons exact representations of the songs they are teaching?

Well, yes…and no. Every musician is a little different and plays in a unique style. We respect the artists enough to make every effort to teach the song parts as accurately as possible, while at the same time keeping the music accessible for all. We arrange the song to fit a five-piece ensemble in a way that matches the recording as much as possible.  In order to play the songs exactly, note for note, you would need to learn every song directly from the artist—and even then, they probably wouldn’t be able to communicate every detail of their playing. That being said, the parts we teach are so close to the originals that even the artists can’t hear a difference.  

Will watching videos make me incredibly awesome at my instrument?

Watching videos will never make you incredibly awesome at anything except watching videos. You must actually practice what you see to reach your potential awesomeness.


Changing My Account Level

How do I cancel if I want to end my subscription?

We hope that people will be part of the Worship Artistry community for a very long time, but there are no strings attached for anyone who wants to cancel.  Just go to the :// Menu > My Account > Manage Subscription > Cancel your subscription.  If your account is active, there is a link to cancel under the upgrade options.  Cancelling your account simply stops the subsequent recurring fee.  A prorated refund may be issued for a charge transaction settled within the past 30 days. That prorated refund is not automatic, so email us through our contact form or at to pursue a prorated refund. Any feedback on how we could have made the site a better resource for you would be much appreciated in the one-question survey following. 

Can I change my account type to a larger or smaller package?

You can always upgrade.  However, you can only downgrade just before your next billing cycle, be it monthly or annual.  Visit :// Menu > My Account > Manage Subscription  If you are moving to a smaller team plan, you'll need to remove any members that exceed the new plan limit first and contact us here. If you purchased an annual plan, you've paid for that year.  If your team size decreases but you've already purchased a year plan, we encourage you to think of others (including young musicians) that might appreciate access to Worship Artistry.  You can change your team members (within the same team size) by visiting :// Menu > My Account > Manage Team > Add Members.  If you have any questions about changing your plan, we're happy to help you out through our contact form.



Will my card be charged automatically?

Yes.  Worship Artistry is set up like most subscription services, and your card will be charged automatically to keep your subscription active.  If you have a monthly Individual or Flex Team Plan, it will charge each month, while if you have an annual Individual or Team Plan, it will renew every year.  Your card will charge at the beginning of your billing cycle.  (For instance, if you register for a monthly plan on July 21, your card will charge on July 21 to unlock access for the next month, then charge on August 21, and so on.)

How do you process my credit card?

We use, one of the leading credit card processing companies on the web, to handle all credit card transactions.   A refund may only be issued for a charge transaction settled within the past 30 days.

Can I use PayPal to pay for my account instead of a credit card?

At this time, we accept PayPal only for Annual Plans.  If using PayPal is important to you, please send a message to us using the contact form, and we'll see what we can set up.

Changing Your Account Details:

Once you're logged in, visit the :// Menu and "My Account." You can upgrade your subscription, change your contact and payment information, and more.

Need an Invoice?

We don't email invoices, but you can access them any time under :// Menu > My Account > Payment History. Prices are listed in US Dollars.

Purchasing Your First Guitar

Should I purchase an acoustic or an electric guitar?

Contrary to what most parents think, you shouldn’t necessarily start on an acoustic.  Sure it might build character and all that, but the simple fact of the matter is acoustic guitars are more difficult to play, mainly because you have to press harder on the strings.  While this might not seem like a big issue, it can be a deal breaker.  There is nothing more frustrating than stretching your fingers into position for five minutes only to realize your fingers aren’t strong enough to actually make sound.  Electric guitars are significantly easier to play and transitioning from electric to acoustic is actually a little easier than the other way around.  Still, you should buy what most inspires you to practice. 

How much should I spend?

There are two extreme schools of thought on this.  It seems students either buy the cheapest piece of wood with strings attached or they spend $3000 on a guitar that they only play twice.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle.  The kind of guitar you love is all about personal preference.  I have played $30,000 guitars that I don’t like as much as my Martin.  Still, there are only a few Martins that I have a strong affinity for.  If you are just starting guitar, you have NO IDEA what your personal preference is so why would you spend a ton of money on an expensive Taylor?  It doesn’t make sense.  I waited 3 years before I purchased my first “nice” guitar and even then, after a few years I realized it still wasn’t the right guitar for me.  On the other hand, you need to buy a guitar that you can enjoy playing for awhile.  If you follow my suggestions you should be able to find a guitar that strikes a good balance.

What should I look for in a guitar?

  1. One of the most underrated attributes of a guitar is how it feels in your lap.  It should be comfortable to hold with strings and frets all within easy reach; not too big, not too small.

  2. The action should be low.  This means that the strings sit very close to the neck and are easy to press down.  While this is something that can be adjusted with a professional setup, you don’t want to be able to fit your finger between the neck and the strings.

  3. Play each fret individually to make sure there are no dead notes or buzzes.  If you are unsure of your ability to do that, bring along a friend who has some playing experience.

  4. Pluck a note and see how long it resonates.  The longer the note lasts, the better.

  5. If you are buying an acoustic, solid tops sound better.  They do raise the price, though so decide how much you value it.

  6. There are 2 main types of electric guitar pickups: humbuckers and single coils.  Humbuckers are significantly heavier sounding and single coils have more bite.  The only way to truly learn about this is to try guitars that have both and judge which you prefer.  Check out the Foundations Of Good Tone lesson for more on this.

Should I buy a beginner package?

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Music stores love to sell beginner guitar packages because they make better margins and allow them to move a lot of product at once.  Usually these packages include a cheap electric guitar, an amp that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard, a tuner that hardly works and a guitar cable that starts shorting out the moment you plug it in.  Don't do it.  Please.  For all of us.

Any tips on shopping for a guitar?

  1. Play a lot of guitars before you fall in love with one.

  2. Play some really expensive guitars before you play the cheap ones.  When you know what’s possible, you can find a cheap guitar that plays above its price range.

  3. Just because it says “Gibson” doesn’t make it great.  Names only go so far.

  4. Don’t just take a salesman’s word for it.  Half the time they don’t know what they are talking about.  It’s sad but true.

  5. When you find a guitar you like, find out what it costs on sites like zzounds and musiciansfriend.  Whether stores admit it or not, prices are usually negotiable.

Any other thoughts?

If you put in the practice time, you will eventually outgrow your guitar.  Don’t try to find your soul mate, just try to find a guitar you don’t mind rooming with for a few years.  Happy hunting. 



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