Find Your Groove.

Solid as a rock.

At Worship Artistry, we know the drums are the foundation of every song. Our mission is to help you lay it down with confidence and style. Be the player your team can count on.

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Timing is everything.

Know the where, when and how. Groove the verse, build the chorus, smash the bridge. Our tutorials will help you lead your band with nuance and dynamic.

Crowder // Good God Almighty // Drum Play Along

Maximize your practice.

Practice with our band so you can play with yours.  With detailed teaching, music videos and multiple speed pratice loops, you've got everything you need to drive the band.

Watch the song from top to bottom. 
watch detailed teaching chapters that break down every section.
Nail your transitions with fill concepts.
Clarify your parts with broken down charts.
Lock in with practice mixes and rehearse with our band.

Refine your sound.

The Greenroom is a space to go beyond the songs and learn how to be a worship drummer. Play to to your room size, grow your ability and think like a leader.

Support your team.

As the drummer goes, so goes the band. Worship Artistry will help you take them where they want to go.


You’ve got the heart, we’ll teach you the skill. Free 21 day trial for new members.

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Join the thousands of worship leaders and musicians who have seen real results using Worship Artistry to help them bring their best.

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Licensed lessons from Sony/ATV, EMI, Hillsong, Word and Integrity Music.