Worship Drum Lessons

Find your groove.

Detailed Christian praise song tutorials and online lessons for every level of worship drummer. Worship Artistry tutorials will help you lay it down with confidence and style, and become the drummer your team can count on.

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Timing is everything.

Groove the verse, build the chorus, smash the bridge. Every song tutorial includes detailed walkthroughs on individual sections as well as a fill concept chapter to help you make your transitions

Crowder // Good God Almighty // Drum Play Along

Maximize your practice.

Practice with our band so you can play with yours.  With detailed teaching, music videos and multiple speed practice loops, you've got everything you need to drive the band.

Watch the song from top to bottom 
watch detailed teaching chapters that break down every section
Nail your transitions with fill concepts
Clarify your parts with broken down charts
Lock in with practice mixes and rehearse with our band

Support your team.

As the drummer goes, so goes the band. Worship Artistry will help you take them where they want to go.

Refine your sound.


You’ve got the heart, we’ll teach you the skill.

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