About Us

Hey! We're Worship Artistry.

We believe that everyone should have access to the skills needed to lead worship and experience the joy of confidently playing and singing with their church community, regardless of its size.

Our Approach

Bring your best.

At Worship Artistry, we take the same approach to every song, and that consistency is one of the things that makes it effective for you and your team.

Every song is arranged to sound like the artists’ original recording with a 5-piece band and 3-part vocal harmony. Every song lesson is designed to equip the novice and the expert alike. In doing so, we equip everyone in between.

Our ever-growing song library also caters to every learning style with visual play-throughs and play-alongs, detailed teaching, practice loops, and transposable chord charts, sheet music, and tablature. 

Who We Are

Why Choose Worship Artistry?

What sets us apart from other services.

Our Founder

The founder and guitar instructor, Jason Houtsma, has taught guitar privately and led worship for over 20 years. Worship Artistry is a natural outgrowth of that experience and is why a pastoral heart, patience, and teaching clarity come through in every song tutorial.
The founder of Worship Artistry Jason Houtsma

Our Teachers

While the bases of operation are in Bellingham, WA and Nashville, TN, our team of teachers come from all over the world. They bring their extensive experience in music performance, leadership, and teaching to every song tutorial. We are not merely music instructors trying to make a few bucks. Rather, we are dedicated worship leaders and teachers who are passionate about what we do.
Our teachers and music instructors recording lessons for Worship Artistry

Our Team

Our team is comprised of musicians, worship leaders, and pastors, which allows us to understand and address your needs from development to support.
Our team of worship leaders during a performance

Customer Testimonials

Discover Why Over 10,000 Team Members Choose Worship Artistry

John S.
You will not find a more intuitive website to learn to play your favorite Praise and Worship songs! Believe me, I've tried many.

Alex G.
My parents got me a subscription now I’m running the youth worship team at our church.

Lara M.
You are helping my team grow in their musicianship and leadership skills and I am super grateful.

Stephen H.
I’ve learned much more than just the songs. I’ve learned how to be a musician.

Joseph D.
I’m convinced that this resource is going to continue to change the quality and sincerity of worship leaders around the world by helping them focus on God and not their parts.

Desi S.
With Worship Artistry, I show up to band rehearsal prepared and inspired every time.

Chris M.
Worship artistry is the best thing I’ve seen for learning worship songs. They simplify it for us real-world musicians, and they do it in a way that keeps the focus on authentic worship.

Lisa D.
Before Worship Artistry, I felt blind. I generally sing lead on songs, but when I need to find and hear the harmonies and be able to sing different parts, it is the key to my overall success.

Weston S.
Just signed my team up and it's already paying dividends.

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