The Greenroom

Maximizing Worship Rehearsal Time

Maximizing rehearsal time in light of the limited time that most churches have with their volunteers isn't an easy task, but is possible.

Essential Tools for Worship Leaders

Tools to help you with worship every week.

Not every tool I've used over my 10 years of worship leading has been essential. But there are some that I've started using and don't plan to stop anytime soon because I truly credit them with improving my quality of life.

How to Conduct Auditions for the Worship Team

A guide to steadily growing your worship ministry

A growing and flourishing worship team is what every worship pastor dreams of. Though that dream is often fulfilled over time and with dedicated effort. 

The Best Stage Set Up for a Worship Gathering

One that places the spotlight on Christ and allows band communication.

I got a question this week about the best way to set up the stage for a worship gathering. You might not give much thought to it, but how you set up the stage communicates a lot. Here are my thoughts on it.