How to Introduce New Songs to Your Worship Team

We often discuss introducing songs to your congregation but how do you introduce songs to your worship team?

Here are three things you can do to make everyone’s life easier when introducing a new song to your worship team.

Video Summary:

Listen Before You Learn

The more we listen to a song the easier it is to learn it. Try sending out the track in advance and just ask your team to listen and meditate on it. There will be a time to learn it but first just get the words and music in the heart. Worship to the song in the car. The deeper it get under your skin the easier it is to learn and practice.

Set Expectations

When it is time to start learning, ask your players to memorize specific parts before rehearsal. “Hey Sarah, do you think you can get that lead line on the intro down before practice”? Be sure to frame it as a question and be sure to get a clear answer. This sets the expectation of the team member and creates accountability. If they show up unprepared, it gives you a jumping off point to discuss the importance of following through.

Go Slow and Steady

I know you’re fired up about the new tune and can’t wait to play it on Sunday but rushing is sure to lead to frustration. Work on the song slowly over a few weeks in a row as a team before leading it for the congregation. It keeps the pressure off the practice and helps the team build confidence. It also builds team excitement around introducing it. You’re way more likely to lead it well if the whole team feels ownership.

Bonus Tech Hack

I use Worship Artistry’s set list feature to create a team setlist of the new songs I’m planning to introduce. That way anyone on the team has all the new worship song tutorials in one place and can access the lessons whenever they want.


Being intentional about song introduction and resourcing your team with tools like Worship Artistry goes a long way in keeping your team engaged and excited about what’s coming up. Resist the temptation to rush it and you will be rewarded.

Jason Houtsma is the co-founder and guitar teacher at Worship Artistry, where he is helping musicians of every level answer the call to worship with passion and confidence. Jason has been leading worship and writing music since he was 15 years old and currently serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA. He is husband to Alli and father to Bjorn and Asher.

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