The Greenroom

Play Your Guitar Like a Drum Kit

How to play acoustic guitar when you don't have a good drummer.

We don’t all have the luxury of a good drummer, but we can become the drummer with the way we play.

3 Tips on Playing During Prayer

There are often moments in a worship set where someone is talking, praying or just waiting to go into the next song where we are tasked with playing background music. 

How to Bass Like a Synth Bass

Many songs in modern worship either replace the bass or augment the bass with keyboard. Fear not! We can create a similar tone by using octaves.

Monitor Solution for Bass Players

One of the most difficult things to navigate when playing bass in church is that it is often difficult to hear yourself play without getting so loud that it ruins your sound for the sound guy. 

The Reason Your Bass is Buzzing

Sometimes house power can give a nasty hum when you take your hands off the bass. Daniel shares an easy trade secret to keep it quiet.

Practice with a Drummer

In order to really grow, you need to spend time with just a drummer to work out grooves and patterns that are fun to play and also have real-world application.