The Greenroom

Listen Your Way to Better Musicianship

Reach Your Musician Goals in 2023

Anyone can make a resolution to "be a better musician" but how you reach those goals is the true challenge. Here are 3 approaches to listening your way to better musicianship.

All About Transposing

Podcast Episode #153

We've got a huge announcement this week and Ryan and Jason dig into everything you need to know about transposing.

Everyday Vocal Warmup

Simple and effective warmup you can do everyday.

Worship Artistry vocal coach Chris Lockwood walks you through one of his favorite vocal warmups. Do it in the morning, on your way to church or anytime you want to lift your voice.

Sidney Joseph on Music Mastery

Podcast Episode #147

Worship Artistry drum instructor Sidney Joseph joins the podcast for an informal chat about music, improvement and what makes you want to keep playing.

Making Practice Time Worship Time

Learn how practice time can transform your on-stage experience.

"Practice makes perfect" is a phrase I can guarantee you've heard before.

3 Reasons to Warm Up Your Voice

Protecting your gift is important.

Too often worship leaders "warm up" by singing the first song or two on a Sunday morning set list and think that's enough to get things moving.