Making Practice Time Worship Time

Learn how practice time can transform your on-stage experience.

"Practice makes perfect" is a phrase I can guarantee you've heard before.

At some point, I’ve even heard the phrase refined to "practice makes permanent". Either way, there's truth to the statement.

The way we practice is important!

If we skip over missed notes and never correct them, we will never hit the correct notes when we are performing. If we don't sing the correct lyrics when we are practicing, we will likely not sing the right words when we perform. It's during our practice that we should take time to get it right.

Even now, as a parent teaching my children music, Chris and I will tell our daughter to practice like she is on the stage performing. So when it comes time to take the stage, the performance aspect feels natural to her.

So what about worshiping while we practice? Well, if we want to lead others into worship, we need to include that posture while we hammer out the notes.

I know for me, it's a transformative paradigm. With needing to get work done, managing four kids, preparing meals, and the rest of the day-to-day demands, it becomes a privilege to run through the song, and acknowledge the King of kings, Prince of Peace, the "other in the fire", the "breakthrough miracle", the "good God almighty" and "the goodness of God".

I may come into my practice time just to check it off my list, but I leave my practice time encouraged. I leave with a new excitement to lead others into the posture of worship. Corporate worship becomes an overflow of what God's already been stirring during my practice!

Psalm 22:3 says that God inhabits the praises of His people. When we praise, God's presence is amplified! So why not amplify His presence in our practice time? Worship while you practice!

Joy is a vocal instructor at Worship Artistry.

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