What Piano Scales Actually Teach You

Many aspiring keyboardists get derailed before they ever accomplish anything because they learn the "what" of scales long before the "why." 

The Foundation of Everything

Scales aren't just a random exercise to strengthen your hands. They are the building blocks of everything else you will learn in music. You know those melodies you sing every Sunday? Scales. You know the synth lines you love so dearly? Scales. Every chord you will ever play? Scales. Without them music doesn't exist and that's why they are so important.

The Fun Part

While learning scales might feel boring and pointless, it is anything but. Once scales become second nature you will lose your ability to hit wrong notes. You will change keys effortlessly and you will be figuring out and writing your own parts. That's where the fun starts, but you need the foundation.


Go into your practice knowing the scale is not the end but only the beginning and you will start to enjoy the journey. In the video below, I give you the first building block and then you can head over to the 101 lesson to learn more. 

Ryan is currently the Worship Director at The Church at Wills Creek in North Alabama. He has been the keyboardist for many Christian artists and has served with several churches including Christ Fellowship and Church of the Highlands. Ryan is the keyboard instructor for WorshipArtistry.com and also works as a producer, music educator, and studio musician. Ryan has two children, Josiah and Vivy, and they love spending time on their 100 acre farm.

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regarding keyboard 101 lessons

Hi Ryan
Has some of the tutorial lessons been deleted? I made a print out off all the lessons to be checked off as they were completed (keeps me organized) and now I'm not able to find some of them. Example: Major scale contrary motion; the natural minor scales 1/8, 1/16 etc.
thank you, Judy Belbin jbquinlan@hotmail.com