3 Reasons to Warm Up Your Voice

Protecting your gift is important.

Too often worship leaders "warm up" by singing the first song or two on a Sunday morning set list and think that's enough to get things moving.

They couldn't be more wrong, here's why:

It’s inefficient 

A good warm up should cover all areas of your voice, activating all resonators and muscles. One “easy” song at the front of your set will only warm up that one part of your voice. If you’re saving high notes for the end of the set, you still haven’t warmed up the coordination’s you’ll need to access them. 

It’s dangerous 

Just like professional athletes wouldn’t dare walking into their arena at game time without warming up, neither should you. Athletes know career ending injuries come from improper form and use of their body. If a muscle isn’t warmed up, it can easily be torn or damaged. YOUR VOICE IS A MUSCLE! Train like a pro. Not like an amateur. 

It’s lazy

That might sound harsh, but it’s true. If you don’t have time to take yourself seriously and steward your voice well, then it might be time for some serious self reflection. Caring for your voice is a way of honoring God for the gift He gave you to use for His glory. Your voice matters. It carries that weight in your church congregation, and in the world. 


When you take care of your voice, you’re offering a sacrifice of praise. It’s not always easy or fun. Hard work is hard, but it’s also a gift so take care of those vocal cords. You’ve only got one set! If you DO warm up regularly, share below what your favorite exercises are and always feel free to hit me up with questions!

Shelby Rollins, vocal coach is the vocals instructor for Worship Artistry.

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