Singing Phil Wickham's House Of The Lord

The vocals on Phil Wickham's "House of the Lord" can be a challenge, but you can make it work for your voice.

It's a populare song right now and it's no wonder. With many of us are still hesitant to gather again, a song like this gives us an anthem to join around.

But, as the chorus of the song says:

There's joy in the house of the Lord

There's joy in the house of the Lord today

And we won't be quiet

We shout out Your praise

There's joy in the house of the Lord

Our God is surely in this place

And we won't be quiet

We shout out Your praise

What a great reminder! Even in the most tumultuous of circumstances, we can know that where God's church unites, there is: joy, hope, life, and more to be found for the Lord is certainly there.  

This was a fun song to learn and teach. Phil's voice is a little closer to my girlish range (lol!), but it's also just a great upbeat and fun song for a church service.

The original song's key is Bb. If you have a lower range you'll need to do it in a lower key. Start at Bb and start working your way down to find the sweet spot. If you have a higher range, begin working up from Bb until you find a good spot for your voice. It's OK if the original key doesn't suit your voice! These songs weren't written with your voice in mind. If you're a woman looking to lead this song, I recommend starting with the key of F and going up or down based on your range.

Don't forget to make it your own! If you've got a girl and guy that can both sing the melody comfortably, maybe have them trade off the verses. Try saving the big vocals for the very last chorus or try it with just two part harmony and a more acoustic vibe. Play with the arrangements, dream, take risks, try new things– that's how you find true artistry.

The great thing about this song is that it feels like a party. Have fun! Don't just perform it, worship! Give it your heart and soul. 

There's joy in the house of the Lord, let the joy of the Lord be your strength as you tap into your God given genius!

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Chris Lockwood is a vocal instructor at Worship Artistry. He and his wife Joy do them together. Chris and his family are based in Nashville, TN. 

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