The Greenroom

Meet The All New Worship Artistry

Worth the wait.

It's finally here! I can't tell you how much thought, work and love has gone into this new design. You can take the video tour but I wanted to give a little bit of the why behind what we've done and let you know what's coming.

Agressive Defense

Thinking through the lyrics in Defender

I admit it. My first listen to Defender jarred me. “You come back with the head of my enemy.”  Wait a minute, what? Can I sing about decapitation in church? The question isn’t if I can, but if I should. Let’s talk about it.

Playing On Easter?

Read this.

With Easter being this Sunday, I wanted to offer a brief word of encouragement to all who are playing for worship.

Worshipping From The Heart

Ryan digs into what it means to worship from the heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Worship is debated, talked about, discussed. And something that is happening all the time. In fact it’s something that every person on earth does. Everyone worships something! Over the next few weeks, I want to explore what exactly worship is and how it affects both our daily lives and corporate gatherings. 

Member Mail 2019

Leave a question for the podcast

We're always looking for new member mail questions. Leave one in the comment section or email us at

How to Conduct Auditions for the Worship Team

A guide to steadily growing your worship ministry

A growing and flourishing worship team is what every worship pastor dreams of. Though that dream is often fulfilled over time and with dedicated effort. 

How to Introduce "Is He Worthy?"

Different songs lend themselves to different leading styles.

I'll admit it. When I first heard "Is He Worthy?" I didn't get it. How do you introduce a song in worship that begins with a question? Didn't we move on from call and response songs after "Hail hail, Lion of Judah"?

The Finish Line

I can see it

2018 has been a challenging year here at Worship Artistry. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Great ambition always meets great resistance.

How To Be A Diva

We all know that divas don't belong on worship teams but that doesn't prevent us from acting like one on occasion. If you're not sure if you're a diva, here's a guide on becoming one.

Are You Moving Too Fast?

I started writing this post a while ago and then I got bored and moved onto a different task. It proved exactly point I was writing about. Musicians get bored easily. I know this with the same certainty I know Web MD will diagnose me with cancer.

Are You In The Right Place?

We hope so.

There's a scene in Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise's character has an epiphany and writes a 25-page manifesto titled “The Things We Think And Do Not Say". It’s a risk, but the mission is more important than the reaction. Spoiler alert: He gets fired.

5 Ways to Turn Your Worship Band Into a Worship Team

There's no "I" in Worship Team...oh wait.

It’s interesting that while groups of musicians that play together are called "bands," worship bands are referred to as “teams.” Maybe it’s because logistically our lineups are always changing or because the team actually encompasses more than one band. I like the idea that the worship team actually functions like one. 

Devotional Worship with The Tuning Room

Podcast #77

The impact of getting our hearts in tune with God's can't be understated, but it's often easier said than done. In this episode Jason discusses his new podcast, "The Tuning Room" which is meant to help us do just that. Subscribe to The Tuning Room here.

How To Own Your Identity

Podcast #76

It's one of the trickiest things to really own but our identity affects everything we do. Benji Cowart joins the podcast to dive deep into who we are and what really matters.

Developing Sound Engineers

Podcast #75

Doug Gould has trained sound engineers for years and shares his wisdom from tech to what to look for in a volunteer.

Bridging The Booth And The Stage

Podcast #72

Former Chris Tomlin live sound guru Jeff Sandstrom joins the podcast to discuss bridging the gap between the sound booth and the stage. Imagine a world where sound engineers and the worship band are on the same team. Jeff has a vision for it.