The Greenroom

How To Play Lead Guitar For Worship

With Tommy Tubetone

You gotta keep a sense of humor. Tommy goes beyond the typical lead guitar lessons and really shows you how (not) to do it.

How To Record Worship Sets At Home

A Simple Guide to Good Audio and Video

With the current pandemic happening and social distancing in place it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live stream worship and create a full band experience. Worship Artistry has tried a number of different approaches and learned a lot from each new attempt. Our lead guitar instructor, Jason Houtsma, has recorded 3 song worship sets at home to show us some of his lessons learned along the way.

Riff Ideas To Inspire You

Part 1

I know a lot of folks are stuck at home and I had some requests from our Guitar Player'sFacebook Group to come up with riff ideas to work on. In this video I teach you a triplet pull-off riff that you incorporate into your worship guitar playing and beyond.

Leeland Mooring on the Act of Singing

Podcast # 118

If you feel that modern worship music is built on a shaky foundation of emotion rather than a solid one of biblical truth, you haven't listened to Leeland Mooring talk about worship. Knowing he began his music career at a such a young age, you'd be forgiven for expecting an immature philosophy, but you would be absolutely wrong.

3 Reasons To Warm Up Your Voice

Protect the gift!

Too often worship leaders "warm up" by singing the first song or two on a Sunday morning set list and think that's enough to get things moving. They couldn't be more wrong. Here's why.

Vocal Lessons Are Live!

Everything you need to know

After months of planning, library building, tech creation and the birth of a baby, vocal lessons are here! 

3 Ways To Shorten Your Practice Time

Less Practice and More Play

Last week in the Facebook Group, a member asked how much time per week we all spend getting ready for Sunday and I was surprised by how often 5-10 hours was the answer. Love the commitment but maybe we can find a way to save you some time. Here are 3 ways to maximize your practice time.

Sean Curran On Vulnerability

Podcast # 115

The Worship Artistry Podcast is back and we're kicking it off right with Sean Curran. We discussed an intense season of his life that felt “kissed by God” and what it was like for that season to end. We talked about burning bright and fast and what it means to follow Christ and lead worship for the long haul. We discussed praying through song and what it’s like to take that gift out of the secret place and share it with the body of Christ. Give it a listen.

We Collide Podcast

Featuring Jason Houtsma

Jason was featured on the We Collide podcast talking about stepping out in faith, bring dreams to reality and of course, Worship Artistry. Give it a listen.

How To Think Like A Keyboardist

Get your mind right

Anybody can learn to play notes, but understanding how your instrument fits the band and how to approach each part is next level. Get some insight from Ryan.

We The Kingdom

Podcast # 114

The Cash family (and their Bro-sin) step out from the studio and talk about what it's like to be that vulnerable and why Ed Cash laughed the first time he heard "How Great Is Out God".

How To Make Your Bass Changes More Interesting

Make your playing more fun this weekend.

You don't have to be stuck doing the same thing all the time. In this video Daniel gives you some fun ways to transition from one chord to the next.

Influence Worship

Podcast #112

Influence Music joins the podcast to discuss leading worship with an outward perspective.

3 Ways to Beat Stage Fright

You can do it.

When I first started playing for worship, my best friend was a large plant on the end of the stage. I loved it because I could hide behind it and I play guitar to my hearts content. Nobody could see me and that was the point.