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The Green Room

Worship Artistry isn’t just about learning songs. We’re about growing people. Our members learn to think like musicians and play like leaders. Here are a few recent discussions from our community:

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3 Tips on Playing For Prayer

Don't be a distraction.

There are often moments in a worship set where someone is talking, praying or just waiting to go into the next song where we are tasked with playing background music. While there are no hard and fast rules on what you should play, here are a few ideas to keep you from becoming a distraction.


How To Think Like A Drummer

Part 1: Playing To The Room

You can learn every kick pattern and cymbal crash, but music should and always will be an art. In this series we are talking about what it takes to go from playing drums to being a drummer.


Play Like A Synth Bass

Wake Up

So many songs in modern worship either replace the bass or augment the bass with keyboard. Fear not! We can create a similar tone by using octaves. In this video I'll show you how. Once you've got the idea try using it in the lesson for Wake by Hillsong Young And Free. 


How To Play Auxiliary Keys

Strategically Supportive Sounds

There’s more to being an auxiliary keyboard player than you think. All too often, keyboardists approach playing a secondary part like the primary, but if we’re not careful, this could be detrimental to what’s happening musically. So what should an aux keys player play? What sounds should they use? And what advice is there for playing ‘second fiddle?' Check it out here in this video blog.

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