We Will Not Be Shaken Song Lesson

Artist: Bethel Music

Tempo: Medium

Song Key: A

We teach you to play in both open D tuning and drop D if you can't detune that fast.

We get to switch up our style for this one.. Tons of fun!!

Very different cool groove.

Time to play some strings!

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We Will Not Be Shaken Chords


A6 D2 A6/B F#m7 A6 D2


Though the A6battle rages we will stand in the fight Though the arD2mies rise up against us on all sides
We will not be F#m7shaken We will not be sA6haken We will not be sD2haken
Bm7 For in the hour of our dDarkest day F#m7 We will not tremble we won’Amaj7t be afraid
Bm7 Hope is rising like the liDght of dawn A Our God is for us He has ovEercome

CHORUS 2 (2x)

For A6we trust in our God and thD2rough His unfailing love
We will not be sF#m7haken We will not be shaA6ken We will not be sD2haken


F#m7 All those against Him will Dfall for our God is sAtronger He can do Eall things
F#m7 No higher name we can cDall for Jesus is greAater We can do Eall things

CHORUS 2 (2x) End on the 1 chord

We Will Not Be Shaken | Bethel Music

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