God Is For Us Song Lesson

Artist: CityAlight

Song Key: E♭

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God Is For Us Chords

(Capo on 3)

Intro (2x)

Eb/ / / / Ab/ / / /

Verse 1

EbWe won't fear the battle AbWe won't fear the Ebnight AbWe will walk the Ebvalley Cmwith You by our Bbside
EbYou will go before us AbYou will lead the Ebway AbWe have found a Ebrefuge CmOnly You can Ebsave


EbSing with joy now AbOur God is Ebfor us AbThe Father's Eblove is a Cmstrong and mighty Bbfortress
EbRaise your voice now Abno love is Ebgreater AbWho can stand agEbainst us if our BbGod is for us

Intro (1x)

Verse 2

EbEven when I stumble AbEven when I Ebfall AbEven when I Ebturn back Cmstill Your love is Bbsure
EbYou will not abandon AbYou will not forEbsake AbYou will cheer me Ebonward with Cmnever-ending Bbgrace

Chorus / Intro (2x)

Bridge (2x)

Neither Abheight nor depth can Bbseparate us CmHell and death will Eb/Gnot defeat us
AbHe who gave His BbSon to free us Cmholds me in His Bblove

Chorus (2x) / Intro (2x) end on the 1

God Is For Us | CityAlight

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KEY E♭ BPM 100
KEY E♭ BPM 100
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