Holy Holy Holy Song Lesson

Artist: Ghost Ship

Tempo: Medium

Song Key: E♭

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Holy Holy Holy Chords

(Capo on 3)


AbHo -Cm ly is the LAbord Al - miEbght -Bbsus y HAbo -Cm ly is the LAbord Al - mEbight -Bbsus y Eb


EbHoly Holy GmHoly LAbord God AlmiEbghty BbsusEarly in the Cmmorning our sFong shall rise to BbsusThee
EbHoly Holy GmHoly LAbord God AlmiEbghty CmGod Gm in three pAber - sEbons BFmlessed Bbsus Tri - nitEby


EbHoly Holy GmHoly AbAll the saints adoEbre Thee BbsusCasting their Cmgolden crowns arFound the glassyBbsus sea
EbAll the kings andGm rulers fAballing down befoEbre Thee CmWho Gmwas and iAbs aEbnd eFmver - Bbsusmore shall Ebbe



AbHoly Holy GmHoly ThCmough the darknessGm hide Thee TFmhough the eye ofCm sinful man Thy glBbory may not Bb/Dsee
OEbnly Thou art Gmholy ThAbere is none besEbide Thee CmPer - fect in AbpowerEb in Fmlove anBbsusd pur - i -Eb ty


Eb Bb Cm C Fm Bbsus Bb


EbHoly CmHoly Gm Ho - Ebly LAbord God AlmEbighty Bb/D All Thy wEborks sBb/Dhall pCmraise Thy nBb/Dame in eFarth and sky and sBbea
EbHoly Holy HGoly CmMercifAbul and mEbighty CmJe - Gmus our SAba - Eb/Gvior MFmighty KiBbng of KiEbngs

Holy Holy Holy | Ghost Ship

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KEY E♭ BPM 100
KEY E♭ BPM 100
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