Evidence Song Lesson

Artist: Josh Baldwin

Song Key: G

Strummy acoustic and slide guitar

Some concepts that work throughout the whole song

Couple cool moments in this laid back groover

Going a little country

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Evidence Chords

Verse 1

EmAll throughout my D/F#histor - Gy AmYour faithfulGness has walked beDside me
EmThe winter storms made D/F#way for sGpring AmIn every sEmeason from wDhere I'm standing


GI see the evidence C/Gof Your goGodness all oD/F#ver my lEmife all Dover my lCife
GI see promises C/Gin fulfilGlment all oD/F#ver my lEmife all oDver my lCife

Verse 2

EmHelp me remember D/F#when I'm Gweak AmFear may cGome the fear will lDeave
EmYou lead my heart to D/F#victor - Gy AmYou are my sGtrength and You alDways will be


Bridge (2x)

CSee the cross, the eDmpty grave Emthe evidence is D/F#end - Gless
CAll my sin rDolled away Embecause of You o D/F#Je - Gsus (C)

Chorus (2x)

Tag (2x) end on the 1

GWhy should I fear D/F#the eEmvidence Dis Chere

Evidence | Josh Baldwin

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