Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Song Lesson

Artist: Meredith Andrews

Song Key: D

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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Chords

INTRO (2x)
D/ / / / / / Em/ / Bm/ / / / / / G/ /


DCome now lo - Emng expBmected JeAsus BGorn to D/F#set Thy pAeople fDree
DFrom our fe - Emars and Bmsins relAease us GLet us D/F#find our Gre - Ast in DThee
GIsrael's stArength and cBmonsolA/C#ation D/F#hope of Gall the eBmarth Thou Aart
D/F#Dear desGire of eBmvery naAtion D/F#Joy of eGvery loAnging heDart

INTRO (2x)


DBorn thy pEmeople Bmto delAiver GBorn a cD/F#hild and Ayet a kiDng
DBorn to rEmeign in uBms foreAver Gnow Thy D/F#gracious Akingdom brDing
GBy thine oAwn etBmernal sA/C#pirit D/F#rule in Gall of our Bmhearts aAlone
D/F#By TGhine own sufBmficient mAerit D/F#Raise us Gto Thy glAorious thDrone

intro (2x)


You dGraw the hearts of shepherds You dAraw the hearts of kings EBmven as a baby You were chDanging everything
You cGalled me to Your kingdom beAfore Your lips could speak And eBmven as a baby You were reDaching out for me
And Gnow we are awaiting the dAay of Your return When eBmvery heart will see You as heDaven comes to earth
UnGtil the sky is open UnAtil the trumpet sounds The bBmride is getting ready The chA/C#urch is singing out


DCome Thou Emlong expBmected JAesus D/F#Born to sGet Thy peAople fBmree A/C#
DFrom our Emfears and Bmsins releaAse us D/F#Let us Gfind our rAest in TBmhee
D/F#Come Thou lGong expAected kDing

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus | Meredith Andrews

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