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Worship Artistry's detailed Christian praise song tutorials and online lessons give you the confidence to bring your best every Sunday. Learn to express your heart of worship through your guitar.

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Everything arranged for you.

Lead guitarists learn song arrangements for a single player that cover all the crucial guitar parts.
Nail the intro riff, power through the chorus, play the solo note for note. We've got you covered.

Elevation Worship // Graves Into Gardens // Lead Guitar Play Along

Maximize your practice.

Prepare with our band so you can play with yours. Every song lesson features as much or as little instruction as you need. Watch detailed video teaching or jump right to the tabs, practice loops or rehearsal mix.

Get to what you need with easy to follow chapters
Never miss a note with detailed tablature
Follow along with transposable chord charts, sheet music, and tabs
Get up to speed with practice loops
Lock in with practice mixes and rehearse with our band

Dial your tone.

Sound great with the gear you have. 
Every lesson details the effects used and the concepts behind them so you can match the tone on the recording with whatever is on your pedalboard.

Build your skills.

Strong technique leads to freedom. Our skill lessons help you build on the fundamentals: strengthen your rhythm, build your scale vocabulary, and play new melodies. Be the guitarist you've always wanted to be.

Growing library of lessons for Guitar Players.

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Song Key: B

This We Know

Artist: Kristian Stanfill


Song Key: F


Artist: Elevation Worship


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: D♭


Artist: Elevation Worship


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: A

Great Are You Lord

Artist: All Sons And Daughters


Tempo: Up

Song Key: D

Glorious Day

Artist: Kristian Stanfill


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: G♭

Who You Say I Am

Artist: Hillsong Worship


Song Key: E♭

Living Hope

Artist: Phil Wickham

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