Hillsong Young And Free
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C#m7 E5/G# A2 A2 C#m7 Bsus


I wasC#m7 lost withE5/G# a broken hA2eart You picked me A2up nowC#m7 I’m set Bsusapart
From theC#m7 ash E5/G#I am born agA2ain forever A2safe in the SC#m7avior’s Bsushands
You are C#m7more than my E5/G#words can A2say I follow A2You LordC#m7 for all my Bsusdays
Fix my C#m7eyes folloE5/G#w in Your wA2ays Forever frA2ee in uC#m7nending Bsusgrace


‘CauseC#m7 You are YoE5/G#u are You aA2re my freedom A2We lift You C#m7 high -Bsus er Lift You higher
Your C#m7love YourE5/G# love Your A2love never ending A2Oh C#m7 Oh Bsus Oh


You arC#m7e alive E5/G# in A2 us Nothing could A2take C#m7Your Bsusplace
You arC#m7e all E5/G# we nA2eed Your love has A2set C#m7 us Bsus free

INTRO (2x)


In the C#m7midst of E5/G# the darkest nA2ight Let Your lA2ove be the sC#m7hining Bsus light
Breaking cC#m7hains that were E5/G#holding A2me You sent Your A2Son down toC#m7 set me Bsus free
EverC#m7ything of thisE5/G# world will A2fade I’m pressing A2on til IC#m7 see Your Bsus face
I willC#m7 live that YouE5/G#r will be dA2one I won’t sA2top til Your C#m7kingdom Bsus come


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