Tempo: Medium

Song Key: D♭


Artist: Elevation Worship

Acoustic in standard and alternate with easy lead duties

Pulling 2 drum kits into 1.

Grooves at the end!

Crank the verb on the piano!


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: D♭

The Cross Has The Final Word

Artist: Cody Carnes

Working around the awkward tuning on this one but it works.

Such a fun song to play. Get ready to have fun in the bridge!

This has a good groove and some 16ths to navigate.

Big song builder.


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: E

Heaven and Earth 

Artist: Hillsong Worship

Mid-tempo groover with simple lead and we added an acoustic part.

Stay nice and tight. No flams here.

Driving anthemic song with passing tones on bridge.

This is synthmania! Get Ready!


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: C

One True God

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

One basic riff and a pushed strum pattern

Toms Toms Toms!!

Nice Groove, easy parts!

Great piano lead with added synths.


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: B♭

One Thing Remains

Artist: Bethel Music

Digging the guitar tone in this song. Lots of arpeggios.

Really working the eight note builds into a frenzy.

Driving 16ths and glorious 8ths

Four chords on a synth!


Song Key: B

Red Letters

Artist: Crowder

Timing is a little crazy but it flows nicely.

Turning electronic grooves into acoustic ones.

Synth Bass but we will rock it on electric!!!

Old school piano sound


Tempo: Down

Song Key: A

Touch The Sky

Artist: Hillsong United

Simple lead riffs and we added a tasteful acoustic part.

So much fun to play!!

Great groove with easy chords.

Easy chords with nicely layered synths and pads.


Tempo: Up

Song Key: C

From The Day

Artist: I Am They

Banjo on guitar!!

Pretty simple folky song with a cool drum break!

Really fun bass parts! Go for it!

A folksy-kind of tune slammed with synths!


Tempo: Down

Song Key: G

Revelation Song

Artist: Kari Jobe

Great practice for flat picking and some big lead parts.

Pretty simple grooves.

This is a simple song to mark the changes but we will learn a whole lot more in this version.

Easy Chords


Tempo: Up

Song Key: C

Say Say

Artist: Kristian Stanfill

Get loud, people!

Time for the synth bass and lead lines!

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