Good God Almighty Song Lesson

Artist: Crowder

Song Key: D

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Good God Almighty Chords

DI can't count the times I've call Your name from broken night G
DAnd You showed up and patched me up like You do every time G
I get Damnesia I forget that You keep coming around G
There Dain't no way You'll ever let me down


Good God alDmighty I hope You'll Emfind me GPraising Your name no matter Fwhat comDes
'Cause I know where DI'd be without Your Emmercy so I keep Gpraising Your name at the top of Fmy lungDs
Tell me is He Dgood Tell me is He GEmod He is GGood God almighDty

Verse 2

You say Your Dlove goes on forever that Your mercy never stops G
So Dwhy would I assume You'll be somebody that Your not G
Like sun in the Dmorning I know You're gonna be there everyday G
So Dwhat on earth could make me be afraid


Bridge (A capella)

Praise Him in the morning Praise Him in the noontime Praise Him when the sun goes down
Love Him in the morning Love Him in the noontime Love Him when the sun goes down


Tag (2x) A capella

Jesus in the morning Jesus in the noontime Jesus when the sun goes down

Good God Almighty | Crowder

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