Angels From The Realms Of Glory Song Lesson

Artist: Worship Artistry

Song Key: Bb

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Angels From The Realms Of Glory Chords

(Capo on 3)


Cm/ / / / Fsus/ F/ Bb/ / / / / / / /

Verse 1

BbAngels from the realms of glory Ebwing your Bbflight o'er Fall the eBbarth
BbYe who sang creation's sDtory nGmow proclaim MesCsiah's biFrth


FCome and worship BbCome and Ebworship CmWorship Christ the Fsusnew - bForn KiBbng

Verse 2

BbShepherds in the field abiding Ebwatching Bbo'er your flFocks by nBbight
BbGod with us is now resiDding yGmonder shines the inCfant ligFht


Verse 3

BbSages leave your contemplations Ebbrighter vBbisions bFeam afaBbr
BbSeek the great Desire of nDations yGme have seen His Cnatal stFar


Verse 4

BbThough an infant now we view Him EbHe shall fBbill His FFather's thBbrone
BbGather all the nations Dto Him eGmvery knee shall tChen bow dFown


Verse 5

BbAll creation join in praising EbGod the FBbather SFpirit SBbon
BbEvermore your voices rDaising Gmto the eternal TChree in OFne

Chorus (2x)

Angels From The Realms Of Glory | Worship Artistry

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KEY Bb BPM 120
KEY Bb BPM 120
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