Joyful Joyful Song Lesson

Artist: Worship Artistry

Song Key: G

Joyful Joyful | Worship Artistry

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Intro (2x)

G/ / / / C/ / / / G/ / / / D/ / / /

Verse 1

GJoyful joyful Dwe adore Thee G/BGod of glory DsusLord of lDove
GHearts unfold like Cflowers before Thee Gopening to the Dsun aboGve
DMelt the clGouds of sDin and saGdness drDive the dB/D#ark of Emdoubt awDay
GGiver of immCortal gladness fGill us with the lDight of dGay


Verse 2

GAll thy works with Djoy surround Thee G/Bearth and heaven reDsusflect Thy rDays
GStars and angels Csing around Thee cGenter of unbDroken praGise
DField and fGorest vaDle and mGountain flDowery mB/D#eadow fEmlashing seDa
GChanting bird and flCowing fountain cGall us to reDjoice in ThGee


Verse 3

GThou art giving aDnd forgiving eG/Bver blessing Dsusever bleDst
GWellspring of the jCoy of living oGcean depth of hDappy reGst
DThou our FaGther ChDrist our broGther Dall who lB/D#ive in loEmve are ThiDne
GTeach us how to lCove each other lGift us to the jDoy diviGne

Intro (2x)

Verse 4

GMortals join the mDighty chorus wG/Bhich the morning Dsusstars begaDn
GFather love is reiCgning o'er us bGrother love binds mDan to maGn
DEver singGing marDch we onwGard victDors B/D#in the mEmidst of strDife
GJoyful music liCfts us sunward Gin the triumph sDong of lifGe

Intro (2x) (End on the 1)


(Capo on 0)

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