O Little Town Of Bethlehem Song Lesson

Artist: Worship Artistry

Song Key: F

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O Little Town Of Bethlehem Chords

F/ / Gm/ / C/ C7/ F/ / / / / / / /

Verse 1

O Flittle town of GmBethlehem how Cstill we C7see thee Flie
AFbove thy dDeep and Gmdreamless sleep the Csilent sC7tars go Fby
Yet Fin the dark streets Ashineth the Bbeverlasting ALight
The Fhopes and fears of Gmall the years are Cmet in tC7hee toniFght

Verse 2

For FChrist is born of GmMary and Cgathered fC7rom abFove
While Fmortals Dsleep and Gmangels keep their Cwatch of C7wondering Flove
O Fmorning starts toAgether proBbclaim the holy Abirth
And Fpraises sing to GmGod the King and Cpeace to C7men on Fearth

Verse 3

How Fsilently how Gmsilently the Cwondrous C7gift is Fgiv'n
So FGod imDparts to Gmhuman hearts the Cblessings C7of His Fheav'n
No Fear may hear His Acoming but Bbin this world of Asin
Where Fmeek souls will recGmeive Him still the Cdear Christ C7enters Fin

Verse 4

O Fholy child of GmBethlehem desCcend to C7us we Fpray
Cast Fout our Dsin and Gmenter in be Cborn to C7us toFday
We Fhear the Christmas Aangels the Bbgreat glad tidings Atell
O Fcome to us abGmide with us our CLord EmC7manueFl

O Little Town Of Bethlehem | Worship Artistry

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