Song Key: E

Is He Worthy?

Artist: Chris Tomlin

This is a unique one.

Just supporting this song.

One sneaky bar of 2 beats but otherwise pretty easy and solid.

Up for a fun challenge? (*We aaaaare!*)


Tempo: Up

Song Key: A

Shout Hosanna

Artist: Kristian Stanfill

This one really growls. Dial that overdrive.

This tune is based around 4 on the floor and our snare drum.

Be sure to watch the tone section to dial in the overdrive.

Easy chord changes with a cool, syncopated riff on the bridge.


Tempo: Up

Song Key: B

Lion And The Lamb

Artist: Bethel Music

Work the vibrato

Such a fun song!!

Really great bass track! You can do it!!

Break out the ARP!!!


Tempo: Up

Song Key: C

Lay Me Down

Artist: Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman

Warm up your strumming hand. This one's a doozy.

It's a high energy romp!

Quarter notes most of the way up to the bridge and then a fun ending!

Go Go Go!


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: D

Yes And Amen

Artist: Chris Tomlin

Four chords and some fun lead riffing

Lets hop into that pocket!!

Super fun Groove!

Lay down those chords


Tempo: Up

Song Key: D

Build Your Kingdom Here

Artist: Rend Collective

A high energy romp. Get your strum on!

Super simple grooves for this one!!

Mumford and sons vibe, super fun and great passing tones in the bridge!

Easy, Easy, Easy! Get ready to diamond your chords!


Song Key: G

Oh Praise (The Only One)

Artist: Michael Farren

Lots of arrangement and plenty of work on this one.

Organic feel just holding it down with some toms.

Great song in 3/4. Not difficult.

Filling this one out.


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: G

You Alone

Artist: NCC Worship

Simple acoustic tune with a lot of simple lead lines.

Pretty simple tune. Dig into that pocket.

Solid quarter notes to make up a great groove.

Nice synths with an arpeggiator.


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: B♭

King Of Love

Artist: I Am They

Crazy fingerpicking and easy lead.

Fun folky vibes and straight forward.

Some 3 beat bars but pretty straight forward.

Easy synthy, campfire tune!!


Tempo: Up

Song Key: D

God My Rock

Artist: Brenton Brown

Acoustic: easy. Lead: not easy. Well worth the time, though.

Pretty straight forward grooves for this tune. Lets dive in!

Packed with fun parts to learn.

Time to work the B3.

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