The Blessing Song Lesson

Artist: Kari Jobe

Song Key: B

Beautiful song. Take a back seat to the vocals.

Toms Toms Toms!

Great song with some cool runs to learn.

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The Blessing Chords

(Capo on 4)


B/ / / / E/ / / / B/D#/ / / / F#/ / / / G#m/ / / / E/ / / / B/D#/ / F#/ / B/ / / /

Verse 1 (2x)

BThe Lord bless you Eand keep you B/D#make His face shine upF#on you and be gracious to G#myou
The Lord turn His Eface toward You B/D#and F#give you Bpeace

Chorus (2x)

G#mA - Emen A - Bmen A - F#men

Verse 1 / Chorus (4x)


BRIDGE 1 (4x)

May His G#mfavor be upon you and a Ethousand generations
And your Bfamily and your children and their F#children and their children

Bridge 2

May His G#mpresence go before you and beEhind you and beside you
BAll around you and within you He is F#with you He is with you
In the G#mmorning in the evening in your Ecoming and your going
In your Bweeping and rejoicing He is F#for you He is for you

Bridge Tag

G#mHe is for you He is for you He is Efor you He is for you He is Bfor you He is for youF#

Chorus (2x) / Bridge 1 / Bridge 2


G#m/ / / / E/ / / / B/ / / / F#/ / / / (x) E

The Blessing | Kari Jobe

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