He Who Is To Come Song Lesson

Artist: Kristian Stanfill

Song Key: B

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He Who Is To Come Chords


B/ / / / / / / /

Verse 1

There is a day cBoming when the old will pass away
Every wrong will be made rG#might no darkness no nEight The Son will light the wBay
There is a King coBming the one who conquered death and grave
No more pain and no more sG#morrow This hope for toEmorrow is our hope for toBday


He who wEas He who IF#s He who wEas He who IF#s


He who is to cBome Christ the Son of man RG#miding on the clouds with a crown upon His head
EEvery eye will see Him with the nC#mail scars in His hands

Chorus Tag

HalleB/D#lujah E HallF#elujah

Verse 2

There's only One wBorthy of all glory and all praise
All wealth and and all hG#monor speak wisdom and pEower to the Lamb that was sBlain F#

Chorus / Chorus Tag (2x) / Intro

Verse 3

He is surely cBoming oh can you feel it too
All this tension growing stG#mronger is just a sign He's getting cEloser He's already on the mBove
And the story has been wBritten We all know how it ends
My future has an aG#mnchor My eyes are on the SEavior
He's coming back aB/D#gain O He's coming back agF#ain

Chorus / Chorus Tag / Chorus / Chorus Tag (3x)

He Who Is To Come | Kristian Stanfill

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