Song Key: Bb

Rest On Us

Artist: Maverick City Music and UPPERROOM


Song Key: G♭

Make Room

Artist: The Church Will Sing


Song Key: C

Fresh Wind

Artist: Hillsong Worship

Some nice lead combos

Nice slow building

Holding down the low end

Beautiful piano line


Song Key: F

Awake My Soul

Artist: Hillsong Worship


Song Key: D

King Of Kings

Artist: Hillsong Worship

A short, easy song from Hillsong? Surely you jest!

Big tom grooves on this one.

Awesome grooves on this one.

Simple piano tune with some cool pads.


This Is A Move

Artist: Brandon Lake

Lots of acoustic fingerpicking in this one. Warm up those fingers.

Fun grooves and straight forward.

Very easy. It is a synth bass and we have the joy of playing that part.


Song Key: Eb

Fade Away

Artist: Melodie Malone