Prince of Heaven

Hillsong Worship
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Prince of Heaven

(Capo 4)


INTRO (2x)

D   G  D  


                   D                G        D                  D           G        D

Earth and shadow restlessly hold  labors waiting in silent hope

               A                            G                            D

For the promise it longs to know what heaven holds

                D             G       D                  D                    G        D

Then the angels in holy haste lift their anthem Your Savior lays

          A                           G                            D

In a manger in humble form   Your King is born


                G                          D                    A                       Bm

Hail the prince of heaven comes  Angel choirs sound the chord

               G                            D             A                      Bm

For this babe wrapped in a cloth is incarnate Word of God

               G                       D                    A              Bm

Oh the kingdom and its power resting now in this child

                  G                      A                 D

Prince of heaven   Jesus hope of the world


                   D                G        D                  D           G        D

This means mercy in fullest form   Loving kindness forevermore

               A                            G                            D

Son of David then of Son of God  He is Christ the Lord



                A                      G                    A                         G

King of Glory we gladly greet   Born in wonder and majesty

              Bm             A             G                            G         A                       D

Forever worthy the earth will sing  Oh Prince of Heaven      we worship Thee


                 D                     G            D                        D             G          D

We can know Him this Prince of Peace in light of mercy confess our sin

               A                           G                                  D

Lay our burdens at Jesus’ feet and with gladness sing


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