Sunday Is Coming Song Lesson

Artist: Phil Wickham

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Sunday Is Coming Chords

Verse 1

C/E AF great light dawn ins Galilee Dm SCome some say mad man some say King
C/E WFonderworking rebel priest Am JGesus Christ the Nazarene
C/E HFe know well what it would take Dm tCo free us all from sin and grave
C/E AF perfect man would have to die and Am oGnly He could pay that price


C/E FFriday's good 'cause Sunday is coming Dm DCon't lose hope cause Sunday is coming
C/E DFevil you're done You better start running Am FGriday's good cause Sunday is coming

Verse 2

C/E SFo He let those soldiers take Him in Dm aCs His friend betrayed Him with a kiss
C/E TFhere before the mocking crowd Am LGike a lamb to the slaughter didn't make a sound
C/E TFhen He carried that cross to Calvary Dm aCnd He shed His blood to set us free
C/E AFs the nails went in and the sky went dark Am tGhe redemption of the world was on His heart


Bridge 1

C Then He breathed His last aFnd bowed His head TChe Son of God Fand man was dead
C With bloody hands tFears on their face TGhey laid Him down IF/Anside that grave
C/E But that wasn't the end TFhat wasn't the end TGhat wasn't the end Let me tell You what happened then

Verse 3

C/E TFhe women came before the dawn Dm tCo find that stone already gone
C/E WFhen they looked inside the angel said Am wGhy you looking for the living among the dead

Bridge 2

He's aC/Elive HFe's alive hallelujah He's alive
Give Him pDmraise LCift Him high hallelujah He's alive
He's aC/Elive HFe's alive hallelujah He's alive
Give Him pAmraise LGift Him high hallelujah He's alive

C/E/ / F/ / / / / / Dm/ / C/ / / / / / C/E/ / F/ / / / / / Am/ / G/ / / / / /


CNow Jesus reigns uFpon the throne aCll heaven sings tFo Him alone
WCe watch and wait lFike a bride for a groom CO Church arise He's coming soon

Sunday Is Coming | Phil Wickham

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