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With Gunther "Tiny Hands" Smacklightski

And this is what happens when you let Daniel loose with a camera. Not sure if we'll actually use it as an ad but it sure made us laugh.

More Spicy Bass

If A Little Is Good, A Lot Is Better

Here's a hoppy little embellishment you can add to a song with a 1, 4, 5 progression.  Daniel shows us how to add this bit of interest in Christ Is Risen that you can also apply to other songs.

Fifth Note Lead-In

Subtle but Spicy

Add a little spice to your chord progression with this simple note.  Daniel shows us where to slip it in.  

Work That Riff

Up close on Fullness

Spice up the bridge in Elevation Worship's Fullness with this fun riff.  It makes for a subtle but effective moment of motion into the instrumental.  

How To Choose The Right Bass

One size does not fit all.

I am amazed by just how many people end up with a bass that is completely wrong for their application. This is usually because not only do they have no idea what they need, but bass tone can be a bit of a mystery.

Winning Walk-Up

Simple and Versatile

Daniel teaches us this versatile walk-up riff in the bridge in Jesus Messiah.  You can use it any time you have a 2-3-4 chord transition in a song.

Tasteful Delay on Bass

How to Use it Effectively

Delay on a bass certainly isn't for every song.  But here's how it's used effectively in King Of My Heart.

How NOT To Set Up A Bass Amp EQ

Strike A Balance

Even if you're a talented bass player, an imbalanced EQ can make it sound like you have something to hide.  Here's where to start before you adjust those frequencies.  

Playing With Octaves


Octaves are a fundamental part of playing bass. This chromatic exercise will help you learn how to play octaves so that you can bring them in effectively at just the right moment. 

Billie Jean Groove

Billie Jean in worship? Absolutely.

Great music transcends genre.  Daniel teaches us how to slip in a groove of one of the best into our worship set.

Practice With A Drummer

Better Together

If you only ever play on your own or in a full band you are missing out. Bass guitar is only a part of the rhythm section. In order to really grow you need to spend time with just a drummer to work out grooves and patterns that are fun to play and also have real world application. 

Active and Passive Basses

Know The Difference

From warm and wooly to bright and funky, Daniel explains just what makes a bass active or passive.  

Motown Groove

Add a little bit of soul.

If you're sticking on the one chord and it's a groovy kind of song, throw this in for a smooth Motown feel.  

Rockin' Riff

Try It On Happy Day

It's always fun to learn a new bass riff.  Here's a straightforward hammer-on with a rock feel.  Try it out on Happy Day.

Get Locked In

Warm up with this groove.

Every player has that groove they start practice with. This one is mine. Practice it alone and then try it with Josh's matching groove and see how tight you can get it.

Adding Double Stop Harmonies


Learn to add 10th harmonies to your bass lines to spice them up. As always don't go crazy with it but try it with the lesson for Great Are You Lord by All Sons and Daughters.

Play Like A Synth Bass

Wake Up

So many songs in modern worship either replace the bass or augment the bass with keyboard. Fear not! We can create a similar tone by using octaves. In this video I'll show you how. Once you've got the idea try using it in the lesson for Wake by Hillsong Young And Free. 

Bass Riffing

One Thing Remains

The song is building. The band is rocking and you want to throw in a sweet transition riff. Try this beauty with One Thing Remains.

3 Simple Lead-Ins For Bass

You're going to love these

For this green room post, here are some great little intros. Sometimes it’s great to get into a song with a little something before the down beat. It's like a drummer leading into a song with a fill. Here are a few simple ones to get you started.

Talking Bass With Eddie Hoagland


Eddie Hoagland talks his bass tone and what techniques to use where.