The Greenroom

Paramount Preparation

There's No Substitute

Preparation has been on my heart lately. So pull up a seat and a cup of your favorite joe or a tall glass of sweet tea. It's time to ruffle some feathers.

Keeping the Mix In Mind


A few months back I had the opportunity to play for a live night of worship in which the setup included an auxiliary percussionist. It kept me on my toes, as he was one more sound in the mix I needed to be careful not to play over. 

Snareweight M1

Small In Size, Mighty In Mass

I have found one more little dampening gizmo I thought you guys might like -- the M1 from Snareweight.

Drummer Austin Davis

Kari Jobe's drummer shares the gear he uses out on the road.

Josh gets a gear rundown from Austin Davis, drummer for Kari Jobe.

Keep it Consistent

Play Consistent Grooves So You Can Remember

Last month I had the opportunity to play drums for a night of worship that was recorded for a live record. There's not a lot of room for issues or mistakes on something like that, and we wanted everything to run flawlessly. It would have been much more challenging if I didn't play consistently. 

Step Outside Your Genre

Try Out A New Style

While walking the streets of good ol' New Orleans,I couldn't help but notice not just how many musicians, but how many types of musicians there were playing on the street corners.  It just got me thinking about how important it is to dive into all types of genres of music in order to experience and appreciate them. 

Groovy Ghosts

Add Some Feeling To Your Groove

A good drummer can keep a beat, but an awesome drummer has the ability to give a song feeling.  They know how and when to throw ghost notes and up beats in the mix, all to make a groove, well...groove.

Get the Loop Sound

A Few Tricks for the Tone in 'Come Alive'

You don't have to use a loop in Come Alive to get that same tight sound.  Josh shows us how.

Learn It By Heart

Learn It For Your Heart

When I see drummers glued to a music stand, the vibe seems stiff.  If we practice until we know the songs backward and forward, when we play at worship, we can climb in to the songs and be a part of them.

The Best Practice Tool You're Not Using

Selfie Sticks

Video recording myself helps me check everything from my posture (which tends to be horrible), to my playing (too busy?), to how I'm engaging with others from behind the kit. 

Tom Tamer

Add this technique to the tacs and tape in your tom toolbox.

I get asked a good bit about dampening options and what's the best product. Here's another trick to dampen your rack tom. 

How To Get That Reversed Snare Sound

No Technology Necessary

When I was preparing for David Crowder's "My Victory," I quickly realized that I had to get creative. When you listen to this song, pay attention to all of the production within this track. There are a lot of sampled sounds that you can't reproduce on an acoustic kit but there are some that you can get close to even if electronics aren't available. 

How to Go from Good to Great Drumming with Garrett Goodwin

Episode #16

Why do some guys get all the calls to play? Carrie Underwood touring drummer Garrett Goodwin joins the show to talk about that little bit extra that takes you from good to great. Jason and Dan continue to be their ridiculous selves and discuss leading a team when you're the youngest member.

Worship Band Tag Team

The groove to match the bass.

Daniel came up with a nice little warm up groove so I thought I'd teach you a beat to match. Get your bass player in on it and own the pre-practice jam session.

Drum Fill Favorite

Try this linear fill this week

We all have that 'favorite fill,' so this week I'm talking about one of my favorites. Come check it out!

Playing Drums On The Offense

Which Side Are You On?

How many of you have had a rehearsal or even a Sunday morning church gathering sneak up on you? I know it has happened to me before and I’ve felt very unprepared and that’s just a bad feeling. This week I want to talk about playing offensively and defensively.

How To Read Your Worship Leader

Fix Your Eyes...

Where should our eyes be when we are behind the kit? Well personally my eyes are glued to the worship leader. What do we look at them for, you ask? I'm so glad you asked!! Let's chat about it!!

My Chains Are Gone

But The Groove Isn't

This week I did a lesson for the song "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" by Chris Tomlin. This recording doesn't actually have any drums in it so I decided to write a drum part.  Sometimes when we play songs in a worship set depending on the mood and situation they may need some subtle movement behind them. Below are the two main things I listen for when I have to add drums or percussion to a song that originally doesn't have any on it.

The Secret To Perfect Snare Tone

Get It Gushy

There are a few different products on the market ranging from $20-$100, depending on what you purchase, to help you find that perfect snare sound. Well, here's a quick and simple way to help you get that "phat", "gushy" sounding snare drum that's FREE!! Check it!

Talking Drums With Josh Freddy


Josh Freddy of Vertical Church Band talks influences and the gear he's using for his drum triggers.